Best Skateboards For Heavy Riders

3-Best Skateboards for Heavy Riders (Recommended Set up in 2023)

Skateboards come in all shapes and sizes. There is a group of people who are somewhat overweight, taller or have a more muscular physique. Weighing more means that you have a  greater chance of breaking or snapping your skateboard than your lighter friends. It’s imperative to choose the right skateboard for fat guys. They are in a unique situation because of their weight. So, before they get on a skateboard, they need to think about different things.

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Best Skateboards For Heavy Riders

To resolve this problem, here we have listed some best skateboards for fat guys.

On top of our recommendations;

1. Kahuna Creations Longboard Skateboards

People think of the Kahuna Creations when they think of a longboard with a unique shape, great style, and excellent color that match-ups right away. As you can see, the board’s surface offers a lot of different patterns. It’s hard to find another product that looks as unique as this one does. It is one of the best for fat people.  All in all, the board has a heavy and durable deck, strong trucks, and a good paint job.

Kahuna Longboard Skateboards
Kahuna Longboard Skateboards

The board is 47 inches long and 10 inches wide and can hold 450 pounds. The concave shape of the taco is relatively easy to control the speed and turn. Running over bumps doesn’t make your body shake, so you can quickly get back on your feet.


  • There’s a lot of weight you can carry.
  • It has a high-performance boat with a large deck, strong trucks, and a lot more.
  • A stable, smooth board is available for easy carving.
  • These are all made in the United States.


  • There were a few paint chips.
  • Free and squeaky trucks

Final words:

Your skating will be more fun if you have a nice board to skate on! Of course, this product’s deck has a very well-made graphic that skaters love. Besides the design, this item has a lot of good things that make it worth every penny you spend.

2. Atom Drop Through Longboard

If you are always up to trying something new, this 40-inch Atom longboard is the way to do it! Atom: It’s one inch shorter and slightly wider than the original Atom. It has a new maple/bamboo concave skateboard deck for pop and cool, slick designs. But it’s still made very well, and it’s a great board for cruising and a good one for intermediate-level carvers who can handle the wide turning radius.

Atom Drop Through Longboard
Atom Drop Through Longboard

However, even if you’ve been longboarding for a while, you’ll need to buy new parts. Atom used significant factors to make this model: Navigator Drone trucks, Area 51 soft rubber wheels, and ABEC9 bearings.


  • Stable, low-riding.
  • Large cutouts for cutting down on wheel bite
  • It has ABEC9, rubber bearings
  • The board is light and stable. It’s also fun to ride.


  • There is no wheel size given.
  • It offers the only one-color choice

Final words:

People who ride downhill can get very fast and unwieldy, so plus-size skateboarders need to be careful. You need to have a board that helps you stay in charge. Atom’s Drop Through longboard makes downhill rides more stable because it has a low center of gravity and a durable, grippy deck that doesn’t slide around.

Though it’s a low-riding car, large cutouts will help keep the best skateboard wheels from getting stuck. When you ride on these 78A high-rebound wheels, you’ll be able to keep the ride smooth and comfortable. The outside shape of the board also makes it easy to turn. Because it’s easy to push on a flat surface, the longboard is very versatile, which means one can use it for cruising, carving, and downhill riding.

3. Globe Skateboards Big Blazer

One of the things that makes this cruiser stand out from the rest is that it is more powerful than most large adults. All of the materials utilized by Globe on this board are of excellent quality. Because this board is so good, there is no way you will be disappointed. Globe has checked every screw and bolt to make sure it gives you a great ride. As a result, it has a great feeling when you drive it, handle it, and even do some stunts.

Globe Skateboards Big Blazer
Globe Skateboards Big Blazer

 This board can take any damage that the road can throw at it. It doesn’t matter if the road is paved or not. It can even go faster than a rural backroad. For hills, it’s great because it’s very smooth. A big surprise for us was the high-quality material to grip the floor. It gave us a good grip and made us feel safe and secure.

The design provided made some heads turn around the skatepark. The Big Blazer has the feeling, the looks, and the name. You can’t go wrong with this one.


  • The board is wide enough.
  • The grip tape is excellent.
  • Great bearings and made of bamboo wood


  • The board is not affordable when compared to its features.

Final words:

The Globe Big Blazer is an excellent board for going on cruises. Globe board is the best board for people who love cruiser skateboards but have big feet. On the other hand, people who aren’t very good at things wouldn’t be able to use it, because this board is for heavy adults as well as for normal skaters. It can even stand up to the 300lbs weight. We could only think of what was terrible about this skateboard. After all, it costs more but is a great place to put your feet down.

                                                       Recommended set-up

Best deck for heavy skateboards

1. Powell-Peralta Flight Deck

Skateboarders, more than 230 pounds, might need a different set-up. I’m here to help you. In general, you need a little more space on your board, trucks, and bushings that can handle your weight.

Powell-Peralta Flight Deck
Powell-Peralta Flight Deck

The best skateboard set-up for heavy riders should have the following parts:

  • A deck that’s about 8.5 inches wide.
  • There should be more durable bushings that can hold your weight without getting crushed.u0026Acirc;u0026nbsp;
  • High-quality trucks that can handle bumps and other things.

Most people know that this deck can take a hit. There are seven layers in the Powell Peralta Flight deck: five maple wood layers and two fiberglass composite layers. Their pop is excellent and very light. Adds another level of quality and performance to the deck. You will indeed have a hard time breaking this one.

People with tiny feet should go with 8.0 inches, 8.25 inches for street and transition, and 8.5 inches for those who want the most stability.  If you buy a set of Bones Bushings, make sure you also get a bunch of screws (hard pack).


  • A very light and thin deck
  •  It lasts up to eight times longer
  • Great rebound, snap, and pop


  • The board is a little overpriced, but you can say for the good.

Final words:

They have a complete set-up with separate trucks. For heavy riders, this is the best set-up. They have an 8.0, 8.25, and 8.5 set up. It’s indeed a little pricey, but it’s a very durable set-up that will last a long time.

                                                        The hard bushings

1. Bones Bearings Including Spacers

These original bearings have all the great features of the Bones Reds family. In addition, their cost isn’t too high, making them an excellent choice for people who don’t want to spend a lot of money.

Bones Bearings
Bones Bearings

They also have a few downs:

  1. This pack doesn’t have any spacers or washers, so that’s the first thing you should know about it. 
  2. You need to check these bearings regularly.
  3. You can use isopropyl to clean them and some bearing lube to remove all the dirt and grease. If you ride in wet weather, like when it rains, clean the bearings right away. If you don’t look after them, they will rust.
  4. You can’t fix it, so; you should spend more time and energy taking care of them.


  • At a reasonable price
  • Have all of the same features as Bones Red.


  • Require periodic cleanings.

Final words:

The Bones Reds Bearings with Spacers are high-quality longboard bearings that come with all the parts you need to keep your ride smooth for overweight skaters.

                                                        The best grip tape:

The Jessup grip tape 

The Jessup grip gives you the ride of your life. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come in various colors or styles, but it provides the best grip and stick around.

The Jessup grip tape
The Jessup grip tape

If you’re looking for a colored grip or an elaborate design, seek elsewhere.

  • If you want to ride your board without worrying about your grip tape, Jessup is the best option to choose as advised by experts.
  • Jessup up isn’t the most accessible grip to put on, but once it’s on, it won’t come off at any point in the process.
  • Plus, air bubbles aren’t the end of the world because you can always pop them and start over.


  • This is a very high-quality piece of art.
  • Super-strong adhesive backing
  • It can take someone over the giant wall.


  • They are very limited color-wise.

Final words:

It is one of the best skate grip tapes because it has a firm grip. There is a good chance that your skate shop gave you Jessup grip tape with your board. It would be best if you bought this grip tape, whether you’re a beginner or a pro. However, if you’re a skateboarder, you’ll love this tape.

                                               Trucks for Heavy Riders

Best skateboard trucks for heavy rider

1. Independent Skateboard Trucks

The trucks on your skateboard play a vital role in ensuring your board is safe, easy to ride, and strong.

  • It is a sturdy metal “T” shape that holds your wheels in place on the underside of your deck.
  • The two main parts of the trucks are the baseplate, which screws into the deck, and the hangar, which holds the axle pin and wheels.

These are two essential parts, but a kingpin bolt holds the baseplate and the hanger in place.

During turns, urethane rings called “bushings” are put around the kingpin to cushion, support, and respond quickly.

Independent Skateboard Trucks
Independent Skateboard Trucks

Pro-skaters have been using Independent skateboard trucks for years. Independent is one of the most popular and best brands of trucks, and I’ve been using them for a long time. The company has a history of making high-performance trucks that are durable and light. They had to be on this list because of that history!

These Stage 11 129mm trucks come in a set of two. They work well with skateboards with a width of 7.4″ to 8″. With a 55mm height, they have a lot of ground clearance, which means there’s less risk of a wheel bite and easy turns and stability when they do all skateboarding tricks.

These strong trucks with A356 aluminum for the baseplate and hangar stand out. They are then put through a T6 heat treatment to make them even more durable.

You can’t forget about the axle made of Chromoly steel and the kingpin of grade 8. If you want strong trucks, these are the best.


  • It has an axle width of 129 mm
  • A truck with a 55mm height has a lot of ground clearance and less risk of getting a wheel bite.
  • High rebound; super crush bushings for a responsive ride and smooth turns that don’t slam.


  • Not suitable for people who want low trucks.

Final verdict:

Talking about the best skateboards for heavy riders who often get in trouble finding big skateboards for them, we have found multiple skateboards and bearings e.t.c such as; Kahuna creations Longboard Skateboards have land Paddling that can hold 260 pounds. The board is 47 inches long and 10 inches wide and can hold a lot of weight. It has a high-performance boat with a large deck, strong trucks, and a lot more.

When you’re going downhill, a longboard makes the ride more stable because it has a low center of gravity and a durable, slippery deck that doesn’t slide. There are a lot of people who love cruiser skateboards but have big feet. The Globe board is the best choice for them.

One of the best skate grip tapes has to be, Jessup because it has a stronghold and versatile design pattern. Trucks made by Independent are one of the most popular and best brands on the market right now. For a long time, they have been making high-performance trucks that are both durable and light. A set of two Stage 11, 129mm trucks have a 55mm height, which gives the fat guy a lot of space for the ground.

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