Best Wheels for Powersliding on a Skateboard in 2022

Best Wheels for Powersliding on a Skateboard-Slide like a Pro in 2024

Powersliding has been around for a while, but recently became really popular and is a visually appealing, fluid, and technically challenging sport that entails fluent cross-stepping and balancing acrobatics while carving on the board. Flatland tricks, as opposed to more “sliding” freestyle tricks like ollies, kickflips, shuvits, and slides, are commonly referred to as “flatland” tricks. Since many experts are reluctant to share their information, this is a problem. Beginners may feel bewildered and unsure of where to begin.

What are the hidden characteristics of many powersliding wheels? You can slide with ease on pretty much any board, but dedicated boards will provide you the space and freedom you need to do your stepping routines, while the appropriate setup will keep you sliding in a fluid manner.

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Best Wheels for Powersliding on a Skateboard

When it comes to powersliding on a skateboard, wheels are the most important part of the setup, as they directly impact the performance of the skateboard. Skateboard wheel selection isn’t as simple as it appears. So many manufacturers now offer longboard wheels that it’s difficult to pick the best ones for you from all of the options available.

Now, what are the secrets to mastering the art of powersliding on a skateboard? – The best skateboard wheels for sliding and carving can be found here. The wheels are happy to assist you in pushing the best skateboard to its limits, safely propelling it through the air, and controlling it to your liking.

Best Wheels for Powersliding on a Skateboard

1-Orangatang in Heat Wheels

Like its color and design, Orangatang in Heat is always prepared for some crazy and sticky action. The original Orangatang urethane formula is fast, smooth, plush, and grippy with a buttery-smooth slide. Lips with square, angular edges give optimum grip while allowing for easy movement. A progressive rebound is provided by the urethane pattern’s rippling.


Key Features

  •  Smooth rides and sharp slides are a gift to the lip-supporting, enclosed core. Despite just 75mm in diameter, the Orangatang’s are capable of tackling the most difficult terrain.
  •  Designed for optimal speed and grip for aggressive carving, pumping, downhill skateboard racing, and long-distance boarding.
  • The wheels are the most popular choice among riders all over the world because of their adaptability to riders of different skill levels and playing styles. The wheels are made by Orangatang using a unique urethane mix that is both lightweight and smooth to the touch.


  • They are sturdy, large wheels.
  • A range of durometers is on offer.
  • Patented urethane formula of high quality
  • Smart and silky-smooth, even on abrasive surfaces


  • Wheels that aren’t cheap
  • The wet concrete is treacherous.

Final words:

It benefits greatly from its valley-shaped cross-section. The wheels’ mass is reduced as a result. The shorter inner lips, on the other hand, improve drifting control and grip. It also includes the company’s famous happy thane formula, which is excellent. A high-top speed, soft handling, and a silky, smooth ride are all made possible by its unusual polyurethane texture.

2Bigfoot Wheels for Mountain Sliding

For riders who want to accelerate powersliding quickly, mountain cruisers are an excellent choice. The increased peak speed that comes with the Mountain Cruiser’s 76mm diameter is well worth the price of admission. Generally speaking, the larger the wheel, the faster the wheel can go. Mountain Cruisers’ 80a durometer is just right for high-speed stability and grip because of its softness.

Bigfoot Wheels

Key Features

  •  The Mountain Cruiser is geared toward riders who want to cover ground quickly (powerslide, slalom, downhill). To maintain high speeds, 76 mm wheels are on the larger end of the spectrum.
  •   Bigfoot’s wheels come in a variety of colors and sizes, but they all use the same hardness, so you may customize your ride to your heart’s content.
  • The 50 mm wide contact patch will allow for a quick and safe turn. As soon as you’ve completed the turn, the rounded lips will allow you to quickly break the traction deadlock and drift at top speed.


  • Extremely fast top speed
  • Quite suitable for sculpting
  • Has excellent footing.
  • Has the ability to skate with control


  • Isn’t compatible with bearings

3-Fireball Tinder Wheels

Fireball is like a ‘’ plump on a pudding’’ in the world of best powersliding wheels. It has been developing longboard gear for a long time and is well-known for it. Their Tinder wheels got my attention recently, and I’ve been dying to write a review on them. Skateboard enthusiasts have a fireball. They make the highest quality tools and work with famous American brands (like Arbor and Loaded) to use the wheels on their complete bikes. They also help the best skateboard scene in a small manner by sponsoring actual skateboard riders.

The wheels, designed and manufactured in California, have rounded tips for uniform slides and a urethane fiberglass center set core for enhanced strength and consistent wear patterns. Users praise its balance of grip and slip along with its ability to handle rocks and twigs, uneven roads, and side cracks that make it easy to move. One problem is that they don’t have difficult careers to assemble. The high-rebound polyurethane “butter†ensures a fast, comfortable ride.

Fireball Tinder Wheels
Fireball Tinder Wheels

Key Features:

  • Wheel boundaries are precise, making it easy to slide. They don’t resist sliding as well as other wheel shapes, and the transition from clutching to slipping is smooth.
  • The wheels are quite constant, resulting in extremely smooth slides. The reason is its main origin. The rims are reinforced with Giant Core, which strengthens the rims and helps them maintain their durability when used. As a result, the wheel looks equal to 50mm and 60mm. The small wheeled cell allows the wheel to bend and disengage while moving on the road. This means you will have unpredictable inclines and wheel performance may vary.
  •  With a size of 60mm, you can use it freely, play and jump the way you want. A good amount if you want to replace your skate wheels with something soft gliding down the street. This wheel is designed to handle hard asphalt, gravel, and, stone better than any other skate garden wheel. The 81a hardness is great if you want to use it for technical slides as well.


  • Designed in California
  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • Provides a comfortable ride
  • Excellent grip-to-slip ratio
  • You may get them in red, blue, or white


  • Bearings are not provided, and installing them can be a pain.

 Final words:

Bigfoot’s longboard wheels are, as the company’s name implies, enormously large. Because of its large circumference, it has a high-top speed. Carving and cruising are no problem with these wheels just for the efficient working.

4-Shark Skateboard Wheels

Shark Wheels, in contrast to 95% of other electric skateboard manufacturers, uses only the world’s best high-rebound polyurethane. The result is a ride that is both quick and comfortable. You can go faster than best skateboard wheels while still looking stunning. You may wonder if their wavy-edged design will make them roll smoothly or not? However, they are able to travel at breakneck speeds over virtually any terrain.

The one-of-a-kind 30-degree approach angle causes things to be struck at an angle. The analogy is similar to driving over a speed bump at an angle to lessen shock while smoothing the ride with its sine wave approach angle. To see the world, these 60mm skateboard wheels were made to travel. Take to the backroads, the twistiness, or the ice at the park to get your skate on. In comparison to a standard wheel that operates like a steamroller, Shark Wheels prefer to push small items left and right out of the path while riding.

Shark Skateboard Wheels
Shark Skateboard Wheels

 When the wheels are moving, there is a 57% reduction in friction with Shark Wheels. Additionally, high-rebound polyurethane from California gives the board more speed, range, and comfort than either of these components alone.


  •  Gives a fast-paced ride
  • Designs that stand out
  • All kinds of surfaces can be used with it
  • Reducing friction while increasing traction


  • Cannot ride on rocky or potholed roads

Final words:

This feature has been authorized by San Diego State University, so you can be confident that it will meet your expectations. Things that are fixed in places, such as cracks or bumps, are beyond the capabilities of these devices, despite their ability to manage impediments on your route with no strings attached. 

5-Fireball Tinder

Slide Prepped(TM) urethane lines are pre-installed on each wheel. Rounded lips break in gradually, allowing for consistent slides all the way down to the core; this makes the wheels easier to control. At your favorite freeride site, it’s easy to tell how far you’ve slid. The urethane fiberglass core in the center of the wheel ensures optimum strength and consistent powersliding performance during its entire lifespan.

Fireball Tinder
Fireball Tinder

Key Features

  • For little longboards and double-clicks longboards, the 65mm wheels are a fireball tinder. A comfortable ride is made possible in this way. 81a urethane is used to make them, which have a 46mm width.
  •   Perfect for cruising, dancing, and freeriding, among other activities. While riding your board, don’t be slowed down by rocks or sticks.
  • 65 mm of the United States of America Designed and built in California, the ‘B-Type’ Formula was created. Unique “buttery” high-rebound polyurethane delivers a smooth and quick ride.


  • A long-term option and an affordable choice
  • A variety of color choices
  •  The ability to provide a comfortable ride
  • Smaller boards benefit from wheels with a smaller diameter


  • These longboards are not suitable for larger people

Final words:

In addition to the enormous urethane lines that come standard with the FireBall slide, these are also included with the slide. A center-set core also shows the prediction of slides and the pattern of all the bearings clearly.

6-FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels

Your sliding fantasies won’t break the bank with this offering from Freedare. Beginners can use the 60mm wheels for skateboarding, longboarding, or just for sliding and cruising around town. Concrete, asphalt, smooth concrete, ramps, and sidewalks can all be used. 83 A polyurethane is the substance used in the FREEDARE skateboard wheels and bearings. The wheel’s diameter and circumference are 60mm and 45mm, respectively (width). The wheels’ bearings dimensions measure around 22mm x 8mm.

FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels

Key Features

  •  Has the hardness of Freedare 83 A diamonds. These skateboarding wheels are made of PU, a sturdy and solid substance, which is used to make them. In addition to being quick and smooth, these slides include sticky rounded sides that make it easy to glide downhill.
  •  A 83A lucency PU high-grade polyurethane wraps the pink cores with three LEDs. Their durability on the street and smoothness on skate park terrain make them a great choice. The three LED lights make it quite visible when you’re powersliding.
  • Professional manufacturers in China produce Freedare polyurethane wheels. They offer top-of-the-line gear to gamers of all skill levels. It’s perfect for all levels of skaters, especially novices, thanks to the perfect combination of grip and suppleness.


  •   A less expensive alternative
  •  A relaxing experience
  •  Suitable for all tricks exhibitions as well as cruising and sliding.
  • Able to withstand severe terrain


  • This is not an exceptional product in terms of performance.

Final words:

To make things easier for you, the wheels come with their own set of steel bearings that have been pre-installed. They’re built to last and require little upkeep because of their high quality and long-lasting materials.

7-Fireball Beast

This is one of the top longboard wheels on our list, the Fireball Beast The ideal slip-to-grip ratio is achieved by combining beveled edges with an offset core. While the Slide Prepped surface allows you to break into a slide and produce clean lines when you feel the need, this provides the perfect amount of grip for cornering and carving.

Fireball Beast
Fireball Beast

Key Features

  • American 76 mm Made using ‘R-Type’ Formula, which is a California-based design and production. Speedy and smooth rides can be hard because to the high-rebound polyurethane mix known as “Race.”
  • The wheels are 76mm in diameter, 65mm in width, and have a durometer of 87a. The contact patch on the CP is 50mm and the core is 37% offset.
  • Urethane is carefully prepared for greater slides and grip in their urethane. These wheels have a good inner lip to help with board grip. These wheels are some of the quietest that we’ve ever encountered.


  • Cost-effective and extremely robust
  • Top-notch quality
  • The extremely rapid rate of acceleration


  • To begin with, it was difficult to operate at a speed that was safe.

Final words:

These wheels are available in three different durometers ranging from 81a to 87a, as well as several various color and contact patch options. As a result, you’ll be able to select the best wheels brand for your needs. Last but not least, they’re available at a low cost and include an extra set of working bearings in the package.

Final verdict:

In this article, we have talked about the greatest longboard wheels for sliding and cruising that can be found online. The Orangatang skateboard wheels are comprised of a urethane combination that is both lightweight and smooth to the touch, making them ideal for long-distance powerslide. The Bigfoot 76mm Mountain Cruiser is designed for riders who want to cover ground fast (slalom, downhill). The Mountain Cruiser’s 80a durometer is the perfect combination of softness and stability for high-speed stability and grip. The Freedare 83a polyurethane skateboard wheels are manufactured of PU, which is a durable and strong component that is employed in the manufacturing of these wheels. They are a fantastic choice for skate parks because of their durability on the street and smoothness on the terrain.

Moreover, its 30-degree approach angle allows it to travel at breakneck speeds across practically any terrain with ease. The ability to skate with precision and control The Fireball Beast 60mm wheels are perfect for small longboards and double-click longboards since they are fireball tinder. With a urethane fiberglass core in the center of the wheel, the wheel maintains its maximum strength and consistent sliding performance for the duration of its life. They are made of 81a urethane and have a 40mm width, so they are very durable. The Fireball Beast is constructed using the ‘R-Type Formula,’ which is a design and production company based in California. Using a combination of beveled edges and an offset core, the optimal slip-to-grip ratio can be attained. The wheels measure 76mm in diameter and 65mm in width, and they have a durometer of 87a, according to the manufacturer make it a perfect choice.

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