Mini Logo Skateboard Deck Review

Mini Logo Skateboard Deck Review- Your Ultimate Choice in 2024

Mini Logo is an offshoot of the Powell Peralta company. They specialize in making high-quality, valuable products. Probably best known for their Mini Logo bearings, they also create decks, trucks, wheels, and whole skateboards, all of which are available on their website.

Mini logo’s products turn and carve very well, grind very smoothly, are very strong, and are very light for a precision truck. You can lock into grinds better because the hanger has a slightly curved shape.

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Mini Logo Skateboard Deck Review

Mini-Logo Skateboard Deck

Mini Logo is the best price point deck with the most pop in the world because it is made with the finest products. Mini Logo is covered against delamination for the life of the deck and is run out of our Santa Barbara headquarters. They use 35 years of experience in tire construction to create the best sizes, shapes, and, pops at the lowest prices.

It’s a smooth kick, twice as complex, and has a good mid-truck feel. The bottom and tail angles create the same angles. This simplifies the application of pushing and twisting techniques. You can land on your desk with your front foot instead of your toes and heels. This helps to stop the flapping that can happen when you do feet-off-the-board tricks.

Mini-Logo Skateboard Deck
Mini-Logo Skateboard Deck

Wood sealer is put on the bottom of Mini Logo decks, and then two full-length colored ink layers are added for longer slides. Mini Logo is backed by a lifetime warranty against de-lamination and is run out of our Santa Barbara headquarters.

  • u0026Acirc;u0026nbsp;Seven layers of maple that are hard as rocks
  • Skate One’s low-stress AirLam presses were used to laminate the boards
  • It has a proven Powell Peralta construction and concave shape
  • Manufacturer defects are covered for life.


  • Au0026Acirc;u0026nbsp;very smooth and sturdy skateboard
  • Easy to learn and carve
  • Awesome design and construction


  • Packaging was a little bit awkward

Mini logo Skateboard trucks

When you ride these trucks on the street, you can’t really beat the balance of the low height for a quick, snappy pop, and the lightweight for a simple pop and flip. The way these trucks cut through coping, concrete, and metal is really a big plus for them. In a good way, it feels like they almost slide. A lot of people think that their shape and the alloys used in them are two of the main reasons why they grind so well.

It’s because the logo trucks are so light that people love them. The Mini Logo is 8.38 inches wide, which is about the same as “Only 338.5 gram make up a truck! Only 3 grams lighter than the Mini Logo trucks are Thunder 149 Lights, which weigh 330 grams. The Independent Forged Hollow 149’s weigh 344 grams. The Thunder 149 Lights weigh 345 grams, and the Thunder Hollow Lights weigh 330 grams, which is only 3 grams lighter than the Mini Logo trucks. It is true that Mini Logo trucks are light. However, I can attest to the fact that they are really powerful.

Mini logo Skateboard trucks
Mini logo Skateboard trucks

After the nut, there is no extra threading hangover that other truck companies have. There are no extra washers, and there are no worn axle threads. This means that they fit Mini logo wheels perfectly. After almost two decades of skating, these trucks are the greatest I’ve ever had in terms of turning and feel. Many Low trucks aren’t out there in the 8.25-8.5 range “even ones that turn this well aren’t in this range.

Mini Logo wheels

They make some strong statements about the performance of their best skateboard wheels. It’s a great wheel for the price of $20 for a set. It is said that their massive design is larger than most wheels at a low price. These Mini-Logo wheels are also made with the same tech and experience as the Mini logo line. In the skateboard world, you wage for what you get. In fact, these wheels are a great value for the money.

Mini Logo wheels
Mini Logo wheels

They have held up well, though. They work well in tight corners and slick bowls, but I’ve found that as they wear down, they come off pretty quickly. As compared to the high-end wheels, these have a plastic-like feel to them as well as long as they stay in good shape, you can’t go wrong. The mini logo has different rings. Available in different sizes and colors. They also have C-cut equipment for road driving. The 80A wheels are the hardest and fastest wheels in a Small Logo wheel column. Special shape and side cut profile and large contact surface for maximum stability when sliding on any surface.

With a high rebound formula, this wheel performs better and lasts longer than most professional wheels at a fraction of the price. It has a durometer of 80A. Cylindrical-shaped wheels with a wider riding surface for better control.

Mini Logo Grip tape

Multi-layered laminates are used to make the grip tape the best and last the longest at any price.

Mini Logo Grip tape
Mini Logo Grip tape

Key Features:

  • Special Pressure Sensitive Adhesive makes it easy to install and has a stronghold.
  • Silicon Carbide Mineral Grit gives you better control.
  • One sheet for decks up to 9u0022 wide and 33u0022 long
  • Made in the United States

Final Verdict:

The Mini logo line’s technology and knowledge go into making Mini Logo wheels. Small Logo’s 80A wheels are the most durable and fastest in the lineup. For a fraction of the cost of the more expensive professional wheels, these wheels have a high rebound formula. This is the best price point with the perfect skateboard size deck in the world since it’s manufactured with the best materials available. In order to produce the most cost-effective tires, they draw on their 35 years of experience in the tire manufacturing industry. These high-performance trucks include superior alloys, high-rebound bushings, and precision axle shafts.

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