Destructo Skateboard Trucks Review

Destructo Trucks Review – Buyers Beware in 2024

Arto Saari, a professional skater, started Destructo in 1996. The skateboarding distributor Giant Distribution owns the company, which  Saari runs. Destructo wants to make the best skateboard trucks on the market. Skiers of all abilities can’t help but love this brand with all their hearts because it has a good reputation in the business. High-quality aluminum, make the trucks on Destructo skateboards.

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Destructo Trucks Review- D2- 5.25(Set of 2)

The trucks have been built to an extremely high standard as castings on all of the trucks are flawless. The silver color is the best way to showcase the detailing and quality of manufacturing. The size and “mid,” which offers the truck’s height, are written on the hanger. Like Venture trucks, it’s mostly made out of plastic.

At the bottom, there’s some kind of badge with a serial number. There are some simple graphics in the center of the hanger. A bar code and the Destructo trefoil in the midst of it. According to what I can determine, the bushings produced with “Bones Licensed Technology, feature no bottom washer and a flat top washer. We’ll go over these features in further detail throughout the ride portion of this review.

Destructo Trucks Review
Destructo Trucks

In a respective way, the axle nuts were fully threaded on the axle, which may not have been a wise choice. The axle nuts’ Loctite was already loose. It has that tightness when you initially squeeze the axle bolts on a new truck. But there was none of that with this one, which implies you’ll have to buy new axle nuts with most other trucks. The wheel travels in or out when you put your washers outside or inside.

What’s special Destructo?

They’re a bit thinner, which means they can have washers on both sides simultaneously. There are no casting marks on the hanger, and the face of the wheel is perfect. With many other trucks like element and independent, you have to put washers on the inside so casting marks or paint blobs don’t get in the way of your bearings.

  • The Destructo D2 Mid is incredibly light. As if they were too small for trucks this width. In terms of height, the D2 is a little lower than the D1, and it has less clearance for the kingpin with its dual conical bushing setup. This gives it a more turning-based geometry.
  • To change the D2’s back pivot, you have both hex and socket options, which you can use to do so. The nut insert in the baseplate is three times as long as an average kingpin nut. That thing is very well secured in place there.
  • The downside to reverse kingpins is that steel ones, even grade 8 ones like those in the D, bend when they turn out. You can be sure that this will wear away the nut insert in the aluminum baseplate over time. As soon as you want to keep the Destructos around for a long time, you’ll need to change the kingpins to normal ones at some point.
  • In a certain way, the ride of the truck is excellent. Destructo, on the other hand, is not good enough still. The D2 geometry is, as I said, a lot like Venture’s low geometry. The trucks have a middle height, which is correct. The board felt more lively because of the lower height of these trucks. It didn’t feel flat like some standard trucks make it feel; the stability is essential in flatland many skateboarding tricks.
  • The truck is predictable, and it turns the way you want it to, without any doubt. Despite the fact, its turns aren’t as surfy and carvy as the Thieves. D2 Black Mid turns differently: a quick, stable turn that gives you a lot of confidence when you do an ollie. They don’t pop out, bulge, or do anything else, and they don’t break. Turn the screws on your trucks until they’re tight enough for you, and then enjoy go skateboarding day. A lot of silver trucks grind well. Smith grinds are easy because the kingpin is so tiny, and the top washer is flat and low-profile, so it doesn’t get in the way.


  • Refined geometry and high-precision machining
  • Super Formula bushings.
  • Strong by nature


  • They are quite pricey but, worth buying.

Final verdict

Overall, the Destructos offers great durability and strengthened trucks. It’s not just Theeve trucks that are made with great care. Though there is a different game border, they’re better for flatland and street races. If your playground and street course boards are now 8.25″ to 8.75″ long, and you used to skate Ventures, you might want to check out Destructo now that you have more giant boards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Destructo trucks good?

Yes, pretty much good enough as stated that these trucks have a good pinch. The light pop makes it easier to do manuals, and it also helps heavier or steeper right-size decks stay level. They are also well made with a lot of space for slides.

Are Destructo trucks light?

When you drive the Destructo D2 Lite Truck, it has D2 geometry. This means that it has smooth, responsive turns and total stability. The ultralight design is made to be as light as possible without sacrificing strength.

Is Destructo a good brand?

They aren’t as well-known as Independent, Thunder, or Venture, but they are a famous budget brand along with Krux and a few other brands that people trust. Those things should last you for a long time.

What is better than thunder or Independent trucks?

They are the best skaters at parks, bowls, and ramps because they aren’t part of a group. Their weight makes them last a long time, but they turn slower. Some Thunders are great for skateboarding on the street because they are more responsive and can turn better. People don’t like that they wear out faster. Most people know Independent Trucks, they are also the heaviest skateboard trucks on the market. With the Forged Titanium models, the brand from NHS is now giving clients truly lightweight trucks.

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