Best Skateboards For Teenagers

6 Best Skateboards for Teenagers (Tested and Reviewed in 2024)

It’s probably not a leap to say that skateboarding is one of the most exciting sports in the world. There isn’t anything like the adrenaline rush that comes when you hit full speed, do some skateboard tricks, and try to get as high as possible in the air.

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, having the right skateboard is essential. A good board designed specifically for pop will be strong enough to hold your weight and keep you safe when you jump on ramps, roll in pools, grind on rails, or move from one place to another.

Here, after lots of research, we have listed some amazing skateboards designed especially for pop.

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1) Beleev Skateboard

People who skate every day may benefit from a cruiser skateboard named Beleev. It’s a great place to learn to ride or brush up on your skills. It has PU wheels that measure 55mm in diameter and ABEC-7 bearings provide excellent shock absorption, making the cruiser skateboard ideal for navigating city streets on your way to work. It provides a nice ride, too. This board is one of the best skateboard brands when it comes to colour and design. When you utilize it, you’ll stand out among your pals of all ages. An easy-to-clean, long-lasting design may be achieved by using heat transfer printing on the panel. The board has a thickness of 10 mm and consists of seven layers of maple wood from Canada.

 Beleev Skateboard
Beleev Skateboard


  • Has a strong deck and rolls well.
  • Available in different designs
  • Good starting skateboard to bang around on.
  • The included tool for adjusting the wheels is very handy.


  • u0026Acirc;u0026nbsp;It’s not the best choice for professional riders.
  • The bearings are of poor quality

Final Words:

Being tiny and sturdy, it’s a breeze to transport about. One of our favorite boards for anybody who enjoys skating around town. Everything you need is included, so you can hit the streets right away. You may spend your time studying all the skateboarding tricks and beginner tips of the skateboard. Versatility and a smooth ride make this ideal for all ages, from children to adults.

2) APOLLO Skateboards.

The APOLLO now has 7″ aircraft aluminum alloy trucks that are lightweight and strong. They can outlast the streets you ride them on. It’s easy to get going quickly thanks to the 70mm x 51mm HR78A soft-medium LED wheels. They’re also durable. Bearings are made of high-speed chrome steel to make your ride more precise and stable. It has ABEC 9 RS high-speed bearings a solid, medium-sized 40-inch deck. It is flexible while cruising and forgiving when you’re going fast. The eight layers of high-quality maple wood give the board a lot of strength. It has a modern TwinTip shape with a drop-through and mini-double kicks. It is 40 inches wide and 9.7 inches long. The 7-inch (245mm wide) longboard trucks are mounted upside down and DT. The 90A bushings on the steering wheel help it turn.

APOLLO Skateboards


  • The solid ground makes it stand out.
  • It is designed by experts to stand out in the industry.
  • Came with tools to replace the wheels
  • Gorgeous artwork makes the user happy


  • Nees better grip tape
  • Hardware needs to be tightened up

Final Words:

This skateboard looks excellent because of the great art on it. It is very smooth, and the board responds when you ride and turn. The materials used to make this longboard are all high-quality, making it very durable. It is even more potent and lighter than the standard Canadian maple longboards on the market, made of wood.

3) Amrgot Skateboards Pro Skateboard.

The double kick concave design of Amrgot’s 31-inch full-size provides superb control. The Amrgot Skateboard Pro is an excellent choice for anybody looking to master the fundamentals of skateboarding on their first board, whether they are complete novices or seasoned pros. As a whole, On the surface of the 100 percent maple skateboard deck, a high density waterproof nonslip diamond emery paper makes it more durable, safer to skate on, and sturdy. It can support children up to the age of five who weigh up to 220 pounds (100 kilograms). The bearings are made of ABEC-7 “Chrome steel.” PU wheels with anti-shock ratings of 88A and ultra-soft PU bushings allow for a very comfortable ride with these skateboards. This kind of skateboard may be used in a variety of places including skate parks and on-ramps, as well as in and around swimming pools and on other smooth or uneven surfaces like dirt. Speed alone isn’t enough to pull off a trick. You have greater control, you can do more tricks, and it’s easier to stop with the double kick tail concave design. Skating talents may be shown at any time and anyplace. It is also suitable for skaters of all abilities.

 Amrgot Skateboards
Amrgot Skateboards


  • The wheels are made of rigid 88A PU, making it easy to change the direction.
  • You can skate on this board because it’s symmetrical and has two kicktails.
  • Smooth bearings and better quality maple
  •  Durable construction


  • The wheels need to be cleaned after using it.
  • No tool in packaging

Final Words:

It is easier to control and play with the U-shape design, and the locking foot turns and bends different skills will be easier to do. High rebound 95A bushings and strong magnalium trucks keep you on your toes for a long time when you ride your bike. The 8-inch strong board is put together with 5-inch trucks so that it can keep up with your crazy skate moves. PU pads that are 4mm thick and super flexible are already in the case. This will make the subject more shockproof.

4) Gonex Standard Skates for teenagers.

Double-kick sides, a concave center, and back patterns like Classic Diamond, Unique Watercolor, and Progressive Skull make the rider stand out. One can also add stickers to a personalized skateboard to make it even better as a gift. The skateboard is made of a 9-layer top-quality maple deck with excellent shock absorption and load-bearing abilities to make sure skaters have a great time. If you want to skate on smooth or rough ground, this skateboard is for you. This skateboard has anti-shock PU wheels, carbon steel bearings, and PU bushings with a strong rebound.

Gonex Standard
Gonex Standard


  • Long enough for kids and adults to skate.
  • The skateboard will be ready to go when you get it.
  • Very sturdy and comes with cool stickers.
  • Comes with good grip tape


  • This board is not for experts.
  • Trucks seem either too tight

Final Words:

Skaters of all ages and skill levels will love the Gonex skateboard, especially kids and new skaters who want to start. It’s great for kids, teens, and adults of all ages. They’ll love how easy it is to use and how smooth it is to ride. To help you focus on learning how to do tricks on a skateboard, you can buy a Gonex complete skateboard that comes with everything you need. Double-kick center-concave structure and a hard sand surface for beginners and pros help you learn new tricks quickly and keep your feet on the sand well.

5) Backfire Discus Fish 41-inch skateboard.

The Discus Fish Series is made of three layers of bamboo that have been partially carbonized and two layers of glass fiber. They also put double hardness, high rebound, polyurethane bushings in the trucks, which will keep the trucks stable and help them rebound quickly. It is good for both carving and just going for a drive. The decks are made of three layers of bamboo, and two layers of glass fiber. Moreover with an asymmetrical U shape with a tip-and-tail design. It has  Polyurethane wheels with a rock finish and ABEC-7 bearings. You can see super useful T-shaped tools that don’t need to be put together. The “discus fish” grip tape is split into pieces. OS46 grip tape is used on the top and bottom of the board. OS780 grip tape is used in the middle of the board because it is more durable.

Backfire Discus
Backfire Discus


  • It is the best longboard for cruising in the street.
  • The combination of materials gives you a better rebound.
  • Wheels are nice trucks are pretty good
  • It came with a tool to adjust the trucks
  • Trucks feel nice and responsive


  • This board is not waterproof.
  • No issues so far

Final Words:

Interesting, but not too crazy. The back has a lot of wood grain and lines carved into it. It would be elementary to paint the fish any color you want to make your look. It came with a tool to adjust the trucks, which is great They are very smooth. The board rolls on and on.

6) Retrospec Quip Skateboards.

Wheels and a platform are included in the package. You may ride your new Quip around town now. When you receive it, it’s ready to go. In every setting, Quip is at home. So you can store it in your bag, trunk, locker, or closet and not have to worry about losing it. At no point should you weigh more than 220 pounds?. Cast polyurethane wheels that are ultra-smooth increase both longevity and comfort while you’re zipping about town. Quip’s ABEC-7 high-speed carbon bearings are lightweight and allow them to travel at high speeds. Trucks that improve your sense of control, equilibrium, and maneuverability are included in the latest edition. All of that grit, plus a little more, will fit in your briefcase.

Retrospec Quip Skateboard
Retrospec Quip Skateboard


  • It helps to keep balance and cut corners with precision and speed
  • It has a classic shape.
  • It’s made of flexible maple and premium bamboo, making it strong.


  • It may not be suitable for beginners.

Final Words:

Quip is your high-performance, easy-to-control, small, but powerful dream ride. It’s small but mighty. It is specifically made of high-strength plastic; a complete kit comes with soft wheels that can handle all the bumps and cracks on the road while still giving you a smooth ride like you’ve come to expect from Retrospec. In addition to the Quip’s molded waffle pattern top and little kicktail, you can easily weave through the city without using grip tape. Because the board is small, you can put it in your backpack or locker when you get there and keep going with your day without having to stop.

Buying Guide:

To find the best skateboard for teenagers, you need to find one that fits their height. The skateboard will have too much power if they choose one too big. This will make it hard for them to use. There won’t be enough room for their feet if they choose a small board. Teenagers who skateboard for tricks should have a board that is 7 inches to 8 inches long. It’s also suitable for more experienced riders who want to do more tricks if they want a giant board 8 inches to 8.25 inches long.


A good board will be strong enough to hold your weight and keep you safe. A cruiser skateboard called Beleev is made for people who skate every day. It’s suitable for both beginners and experts at riding, and it works well for both. A solid, medium-sized 40-inch deck comes with the GALAXY so that it can be flexible while cruising and forgiving when you’re going fast.

One deck is 1016 mm by 246 mm or 40 by 9.7 inches. It is made of eight layers of wood and has the shape of a modern TwinTip deck with drop-through and mini-double kicks. Skaters of all ages and skill levels will love the Gonex skateboard, especially kids and new skaters who want to start, which has excellent shock absorption and load-bearing power.

If you want to cruise on a longboard, this is the best one. All you have to do is start riding. As a result of its little weight (less than 5 pounds), you may easily transport it from one location to another. Quip is your high-performance, easy-to-control, small, but powerful dream ride. It’s small but mighty and made of high-strength plastic; this complete kit comes with soft wheels that can handle all the bumps and cracks on the road while still giving you a smooth ride like you’ve come to expect from Retrospec.

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