do trucks matter on a skateboard

Do trucks Matter on a Skateboard ? – A comprehensive Guide in 2023

Yes, skateboard trucks are the backbone of your skateboard and can make or break it. They affect how well you ride, what kind of tricks are possible with that specific deck setup (hint: bigger wheels mean better slides), as well as their lifespan, depending on where they’ll be used – whether downhill racing against tight turns or cruising around town looking cute.

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If you’ve ever been to a skatepark, you know that trucks are a big deal. There are all different kinds – big ones, small ones, wide ones, and narrow ones. But do they really make a difference? When it comes to skateboarding, trucks matter. They affect the way your board rides and how easy it is to do tricks. Different trucks are better for different styles of skating. For example, if you’re into street skating, you might want a narrower truck so you can nudge your way into tight spaces. But if you’re into ramps and bowls, a wider truck will give you more stability when you’re flying high. So whether you’re just getting started or you’re a seasoned pro, think about the kind of skating you want to do and choose the right trucks for the job. Your skateboard will thank you.

So skateboard trucks are the pivots that connect your board to your wheels. Unlike cars where each wheel is powered by its own individual motor, with skateboarding, you turn your board with each turn of the truck. The pivoting action that connects your wheels to your deck is done by either double- or single-kingpin trucks. Double-kingpin trucks have two pins, while some like Destructo and Royal Trucks have just one kingpin in the center – these are called “singles”, most typically used on boards with bigger wheels, like street-riding vehicles.

Skateboard Truck Sizing Guide:

One of the most important things to consider when shopping for a new pair of trucks is how heavy they are and you know how to fix squeaky longboard trucks. When you’re riding down a hill or doing tricks that require higher speeds, it’s great if the board is lightweight and easy to turn – but sometimes this sacrifices durability.

There are three main styles of skateboard trucks – the standard kingpin truck, the inverted truck, and the cast or forged truck. The material that they are built out of also varies. Forged trucks are typically used on higher-quality professional boards because they have a longer lifespan than cast aluminum ones. They combine strength with a lightweight, making them very responsive.

Skateboard Truck Sizing Guide

Trucks are measured in I.D., O.D., and width of the hanger. The I.D. is the inner diameter, while the O.D. is the outer diameter. So a smaller I.D./O.D means a more agile truck, while a larger one is stiffer and better at handling high speeds. The width of the hanger is measured in millimeters and usually affects how much a truck can turn from lock to lock, or from one side to another.

On the contrary, wider trucks like Element and Independent skateboard trucks are more stable at speed since they have better resistance against wheelbite. However, you want to make sure that it matches your deck’s width and isn’t too big or too small. There is a science to it. Getting the right setup means finding the balance between your weight, the type of board you have, and what kind of riding you’ll be doing with it – whether it’s downhill racing against tight turns or cruising around town looking cute.

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