Skateboard Helmet Vs Bike Helmet – Get the Right Shredder in 2024

The main difference between a skateboard helmet and a bike helmet is that a skateboard helmet can bear a couple of impacts while a bike helmet can only sustain one. The foam inside of a skateboard helmet is designed to crumple and absorb the shockwaves from the impacts, while the foam in a bike helmet is designed to keep its shape and protect the head from lacerations. Let’s Discover the Skateboard Helmet Vs Bike Helmet, Learn which one provides the best protection for your specific needs in our comprehensive comparison.

However, before you head out to the skate park, it’s important to make sure that you have the right helmet. While a bike helmet will provide some protection, it’s not designed specifically for skateboarding.

There are other differences as well. Bike helmets usually have more ventilation, while skateboard helmets are typically more solid and protect against wind and rain. Skateboarders sometimes wear beanies or hats underneath their helmets to keep their heads warm, while cyclists usually wear helmets.

Bike helmets Key Features:

  • Resistant to limited impacts.
  • Aerodynamic Friendly
  • A better ventilation

Skate Helmets Key Features:

  • Can withstand multiple impacts
  • Gives excellent coverage to the back of the head
  • Apparently, these are stylish

Right Helmet Always Saves Your Life

The right helmet can save your life. To reduce the probability of death, injury, and unexpected events, many people wear helmets when they ride bikes or their best skateboard brands. However, you must find one designed for what type of activity will be used to ensure its effectiveness at protecting against certain head impacts.

When you ride your bike, does the back of your head feel vulnerable? If so, then it’s time to invest in a helmet with protection for all-around use and pay key attention to how trucks matter on your skateboard. Road bikes are typically not equipped with anything that covers this area, but if you jump and fall off while riding, there could be serious consequences. It also means getting something like an MTB or BMX-style lid would help prevent any injuries from occurring during these instances as they have much more coverage than regular road cycling helmets.

Skateboard Helmet Vs. Bike Helmet

Whether you’re biking or skating, safety should be your key priority when selecting a helmet. However, if the style is also important to you, it might suggest going with one of the best skateboard helmet brands instead because they tend to think more “youthful” and ‘street’ looking than other types.

Do these provide enough coverage?

The great thing about skate helmets is that they’re more than just a form of protection. They can be used for many different types of activities, depending on what you need them to do and how much safety gear will help out in any given situation. The first question we should always ask ourselves when selecting one is: “Do these provide enough coverage?”

Skateboard Helmet Vs Bike Helmet
Skateboard Helmet Vs. Bike Helmet

I get where people are coming from confusion about whether to choose skateboard vs. ripstick, Cruiser skateboard Vs Longboard, electric skateboard vs longboard, electric skateboard vs Onewheel, etc., and wanting their gear (helmet)to match the look they want – but there isn’t anything wrong/inappropriate about choosing either type.

Certification is Prerequisite

Dual-certified helmets ensure that you’ll get the best protection possible. The best pop skateboard helmet should cover just enough of your head to protect it from potential impacts, but not so much as make wear uncomfortable or risky. Be sure to find one with CPSC certification on its label; it’s worth investing in this extra level of safety for yourself when riding outside city limits.

Protect the Shell of your skateboard

You might think that your helmet is just going to be thrown around, but the truth of the matter is you’ll end up spending more time and effort caring for it. Throw-away skateboards are hard on helmets, especially since they’re made out of plastic which can easily get scratched or broken in some cases.

Skateboard Helmet Vs. Bike Helmet

Video Guide

Video Guide: Bike Helmet Vs. Skateboard Helmet

Final Words

Helmet manufacturer ratings for skateboards and bikes are different because of the shape, weight distribution (front/back), materials used in construction as well how they’re designed to impact upon both vs. extreme force. Bike helmets can withstand one strong hit before needing replacement, while skater’s Solid polycarbonate front faceplates will break under similar conditions – but both types offer protection against lesser impacts.


Are skateboard helmets safe?

While there is no concussion-proof helmet, a skateboard helmet can help protect your child or teen from a serious brain or head injury. The information in this handout will help you learn what to look for, and what to avoid when picking out a helmet for your child or teen.

How long does a skateboard helmet last?

Here at Nutcase, we recommend replacing a helmet every three to five (3-5) years depending on use and handling.

Is a bike helmet OK for skateboarding?

While it’s possible to use a bike helmet for skateboarding, it’s not recommended. Bike helmets are designed to protect against high-speed impacts, but they may not provide the same level of protection as skateboard helmets for repeated low-speed impacts and falls.

Can you use a skate helmet as a bike helmet?

​This type of helmet is not appropriate for high-impact hits but is made for multiple low-impacts—the type that often happens while skateboarding. ​This different standard suggests you should not use a single-certified—for example, only ASTM—skate helmet when on a bike.

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