Lithe Skateboard Review

Lithe Skateboard Review- Your Ultimate Gear In 2024

Huntington Beach, CA in the United States is where Lithe Skateboards is based. It’s part of other miscellaneous manufacturing business. Lithe Skateboards has 6 employees across all of its locations and makes $51,790 in sales each month (USD).

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Lithe Skateboard Review

When it comes to skating, most people think that good practice is not complete without pop. As a person who thinks like that, you might be looking for both the best pop skateboard and ways to make your pop even better. You can do this when you’re on a skateboard and you want to go over obstacles or do all skateboarding tricks. The pop is the sound made when you kick the tail of your skateboard down to the ground to get the board in the air.

Street skateboarding and other types of skateboarding are popular places to do pop skateboarding; Lithe is the one. Professional skateboarders are always on the lookout for ways to make their skateboards more “pop” because it helps them do better.

Growing up on Indiegogo, starting with the king of durability. Lithe says these tires can last up to 8 times and the tail up to 15 times longer than 7-ply wood tires. Those are strong words, but so far, tests have only agreed with them. The razor tail is the reason behind the huge success of Lithe skateboards.

Lithe Nex & Slate Skateboard Decks

Besides being more durable and responsive, Lithe decks have a unique construction that makes them last even longer. They have that perfect pop and strength. All shapes are pressed by hand, so they all have the same shape. The tail and nose are made of a hybrid polymer, which makes them more durable. This means no more razor tails, splinters, or chipped noses.

Lithe Skateboard Deck

The sidewall, too, is partly covered with a hybrid polymer to keep chips and cracks from getting in. It also looks great. I like the carbon fiber on top because it makes it look like it came out of a sci-fi movie. If there is ever a fourth Back to the Future movie, this should be the new type of hoverboard.

Key Features:

  • The top of the deck is made of carbon fiber, which makes this deck almost impossible to break. Extra virtuous entity is that the visuals can be put in. Lithe uses a special fusion printer that makes the prints very deep into the surface. You’ll be able to enjoy the picture for a lot longer than with regular decks.
  • The length of the street version is 32 inches, and the widths range from 7.75 inches to 8.5 inches. There are bowls and verts. The size of the mini ramp is 32.63 inches, and the widths range from 8.25 inches to 9.0 inches wide. Five-ply Canadian maple is used to make the Lithe Nex Skateboard deck. It’s also made with triaxial carbon. The part I’m not sure about is whether or not the board has one or two layers of carbon fiber on it.
  • Even though this deck has carbon fiber in it, it still gets scratched and falls apart. During practice, I got chips on the sides of my nose and tail when I flipped. Lithe made the outside of the deck out of wood so that you don’t get carbon splinters.
  • All that said, this deck has one big thing that I love about it. They all ended up the same way when I’ve looked at carbon fiber skate decks I’ve looked at. 30 days into playing the Lithe deck, my tail still has so much life left in it! The Nex deck was very easy to chip. Try the Slate 3 deck instead. There is a green polymer technology that goes all the way around that deck’s edge. As for the Nex, the wood that was left after the reinforced polymer nose or tail chipped away was made of wood.


  • The technology in the tail is meant to slow down the razor’s tail.
  • These decks have great pop.


  • It’s very bouncy. A carbon fiber skateboard deck that doesn’t feel as stiff as other carbon fiber skateboard decks do.
  • It will yield a long time to get used to it. Most of the tricks I could pull off were almost always difficult to pull off on this deck of cards.

Final verdict:

The Lithe skate decks are only for people who know they can skate the boards they sell and are open to a pop skateboard deck that doesn’t feel stiff under their feet.

The main benefit here is Lithe’s technology to cut down on the razor tails. Indeed, a great thing. If Lithe can’t make other board sizes, they should think about selling or giving away their patent to other board manufacturers. It may be more about the shape of the concave than the strength of the materials used. Even though I was on the ground, it felt like I was on a longboard. When Lithe only has one board press, their boards all have the same length and wheelbase sizes. It doesn’t matter if you buy the Nex or Slate 3 deck. They both have the same size.

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