Jart Skateboard Review

Jart Skateboard Review-Yes its Stil leading Brand in Europe (Reviewed In 2024)

 The Iraola brothers, Igor, Iban, and Ander, founded Jart Skateboards in 2001. The Spanish company swiftly rose to prominence in the skateboarding community throughout Europe and around the world. Unlike other skateboard businesses, Jart is one of the few that manufactures its decks here in Europe. Jart made a name for himself in the market by offering affordable skates of high quality. It’s as simple as combining European design with American wood quality. Ricky Webb, Denny Pham, Nick Fiorini, and Youness Amrani were all part of the international team.

Jart Skateboard Review

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Environmental stewardship is a top priority in their Basque Country plant. It’s been a long time since Jart became Europe’s leading deck producer. Jart Skateboards offers a large variety of wheels and bearings in addition to skateboard decks. You can use the skateboard at any skill level, from beginners to advanced players. Jart tires are built to withstand the stress of the road, from skate parks to muddy country tracks. Anchors, comic book themes, and their recognizable double oval emblem are just a few of the many visuals they use. The inner core of Jart skateboard wheels is firm, allowing for speed and precision.

Skate Proudly
Skate Proudly

A skateboard for pop with proper deck size will help you learn and advance more quickly. You will get to learn the shoe size you prefer as you gain experience, but until then, we recommend adjusting the card size to suit your shoe size. This allows you to measure your progress. There are several things to keep in mind when choosing your skate deck size. A longer or wider board is more stable and comfortable for climbing, while a shorter or thinner board is ideal for tipping, shaping, and sliding techniques.

Complete Jart Skateboard

The company has grown to be well-known, and it now offers a wide range of products, including Jart skateboard decks with the most pop for the most serious skaters. High-quality finished skateboards at a reasonable price, with a variety of skate wheels in various forms and formulas. Skateboard accessories like Jart bearings, tool sets, and bolts are also available.

Jart Printed Grip tapes were just introduced, and Jessup grip tape was contracted to print Jart images and logos on them. The Jart Classic 8″ skateboard. A shallow concave, with seven layers of American maple. Printed in Spain on alone disc. Jart is a major manufacturer of skateboards. Its success can be explained by the fact that it uses high-quality wood and glue to produce boards that are robust and have a decent pop at a reasonable price.

Jart Skateboard

Key Features:

  • All of the wood used in the Jart skateboard comes from Canadian forest conservation areas. This board is 8.0″ wide by 31.85″ long. Every skill level can benefit from this pro skateboard, from the absolute beginner to the most experienced rider.
  • The axles and kingpins are made of grade 8 steel, and the bushings and pivot cups are fabricated in the United States. For street and park skating, 52mm 99A wheels are the ideal choice. For your wheels, Amphetamine bearings are stimulants.
  • These bearings are some of the best ABEC 5 rated bearings on the market because of their light synthetic oil, Delrin Crowns, and rubber serviceable shields. Allows for personalization and a sense of accomplishment by arriving pre-assembled.


  • The typical shape of a popsicle
  • A seven-ply Hardrock maple structure
  • Incredibly strong and long-lasting adhesion with 2XS eco-friendly glue
  • Has the low concavity
  • Single-deck rotary press
  • The original series


  • Trucks may need to tighten

Jart Skateboard Deck:

One of the most important parts of a skateboard is its deck. Skateboarding is done on a flat board known as a skate deck. For vert and street skating, a shortboard is preferable to a longboard or cruiser. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, this is the best way to do the skateboarding tricks.

Jart Skateboard Deck
Jart Skateboard Deck

1.  Each Jart skateboard deck is manually pressed to ensure consistency in quality. The form and concaveness of the decks might vary from one manufacturer to the next because they use many decks in a mold.

2.  These Jart decks are made of 7-Ply Maple, which provides a sturdy structure and a lot of pop. Skateboards benefit greatly from the flexibility and durability of maple wood, which can be easily bent without sacrificing strength. Decks made of this material are still the most frequent in the skateboarding industry.

Key Features:

  • Top Stain Can Vary
  • It has a 14.2″ wheelbase”
  • The material used is a 7-Ply Maple Glued Together

Jart Skateboard Wheels:

When shopping for the new best skateboard wheels, there are a few factors to take into account. Small changes in wheel size or rigidity can have a profound effect on how your board works and feels. All that matters is what kind of skating you enjoy and what kind of wheels you choose.

Jart Skateboard Wheels
Jart Skateboard Wheels
  1. These wheels from Jart Skateboards will get you rolling again. These products have a distinct look and feel because of their graphics and designs. The inner of the wheels is extremely robust, which increases their speed and precision. Urethane wheels are made in-house and will take you anywhere. Like the decks, the wheels have a similar look and feel to them.
  2. These wheels, made with an in-house urethane compound, will take you far. In keeping with the aesthetic of their decks, Jart has included similar artwork in the design of their wheels. A brand with more than a decade of experience in the skateboarding industry, Jart, is one to keep an eye on.

Key Features:

  • This strong Jart Skateboard has many dimensions you can choose from 50mm x 28mm, to 55mm x 32.5mm.
  • Contact Patch: 16.25mm (50mm/51mm Model), 16.5mm (52mm Model), 17mm (53mm Model), 17.5mm (54mm Model), 17.75mm (55 Model).
  • For the 101A durometer, the material used is urethane; Urethane has certain interesting features. The first is that it has exceptionally strong abrasion resistance, which implies that the wheel will last a while. The second one, perhaps more significant, is that urethane delivers a particularly good grip on the ground.

Final verdict:

Jart Skateboards was founded in 2001 by the three Iraola brothers, who are all skateboarders. The brand from Spain swiftly established itself as a household name in the European and international skateboarding communities. Jart Skateboards is one of the few skateboard companies that manufacture their decks in Europe.

They place a strong emphasis on maintaining high environmental standards at their manufacturing facility in the Basque Country. In the meantime, Jart has grown to become the largest deck manufacturer in Europe, employing over 2,000 people. Additionally, Jart Skateboards offers a large selection of wheels and bearings in addition to their skateboard decks.


Has the skateboard company Jart been around for a while?

Jart made a name for himself in the market by offering affordable skates of high quality. It’s as simple as combining European design with American wood quality. Bastien Salabanzi became a professional skater for the company in 2011, establishing a world-class skate team that would be renowned across the globe.

What are the best skate brands?

The best skateboard brands are Powell Peralta, Santa Cruz, Jart, and Polar Skate Co. Whether you’re rolling, doing tricks at the skate park, or carving in a bowl, there’s a skate for every occasion. Known for their quality tires, constant innovation, and unique artwork, these top skate brands have gained a reputation.

Who founded Jart Skateboards?

Jart is one of the most popular skateboard companies in the world. Jart Skateboards was founded in 2001 by brothers Igor, Iban, and Ander.

What skateboard brand is the strongest?

The Jart mixed skateboard is the strongest skateboard deck. It’s made of two layers of carbon fiber sandwiched between two sheets of maple wood. Reinforced with 7-layer maple wood, the decks are extremely durable and resistant to chipping.

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