How To Paint Longboard Trucks
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How To Paint Longboard Trucks in 2024

Before you go out and buy truckloads of spray paint for this project, I want to let you know that this is just one way to paint longboard trucks. This tutorial is written mainly based on my experience with using lacquer-based paints. 

How To Paint Longboard Trucks

The first thing you’ll want to do is remove the kingpin nut and washer from the baseplate of the truck. Try not to drop any of the pieces, and keep them somewhere safe where you won’t lose them. You’ll also have to remove the wheel from the axle and also keep it somewhere safe where you won’t lose them. I like to use a small plastic container that has separate dividers for each wheel and hardware piece. As it makes finding the wheel and hardware easy and they don’t get scratched when they rub against each other.

If you’re looking to add a little extra personality to your longboard, painting the trucks is a great way to do it. With just a little time and effort, you can turn boring old black trucks into something bright and eye-catching.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

-Trucks (obviously)

-Primer -Paint

-Clear coat


-Masking tape

Painting Makes Skaters Crazy

6- Key Steps To Follow

1- Carefully place your best pop decks on top of some cardboard or scrap wood and spray the underside with primer. Most brands recommend 4-6 coats with 15 minutes in between each coat. Remember, you can always apply more primer but it’s a lot harder to remove excess so be careful not to overdo it.

2- Now as primer dries, you’ll need to apply a layer of green or blue spray paint. I like to fasten the baseplate and wheels so they don’t move while I’m painting because it speeds up the process. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about moving them around when your fingers are covered in paint.

3- After the blue or green layer has dried, you’ll need to tape off all the pieces of hardware again and prime them with black spray paint. I like to use painter’s tape because it’s really easy to remove after spraying even with lacquer-based paints, but be cautious when spraying around the kingpin because it could create a mess.

4- As all of the hardware has been sprayed with black primer, you’ll need to apply some more blue or green spray paint on top of that and tape it off just like before. This will protect and insulate any exposed metal from coming into contact with the final paint coat.

5- Now, you should be ready for your final layer of color. I like using yellow spray paint because it’s easy to apply and doesn’t require much time or effort, but feel free to use a different color that you think will look good on a longboard truck. After the yellow coat has dried, you can take off all the tape and hardware.

6- Finally, after everything is completely dry you should have some freshly painted royal longboard truck. This particular process can be used on most types of pop skateboards but I like using it for longboard trucks. Resultantly, the baseplate and wheel wells are completely exposed which makes for easier access if I need to do some touchups or maintenance.

Video Guide

Video Guide: How To Paint Longboard Trucks

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you paint longboard trucks?

Yes, you can. It could take anywhere from 1 hour to 8 hours depending on how many coats of primer, paint, and the best clear coats are needed for the project. If you’re working with a small deck or hardware piece, it will probably only take an hour or two.

Can you paint your skateboard trucks?

Yes, but it’s easier to paint longboard trucks than skateboard trucks mainly. The main reason is that the baseplate and wheel wells in most longboard trucks are exposed and not hidden in a deck like they usually would be in a skateboard.

Can you paint your longboard?

Yes, any part of it can be painted. Most people like to paint their deck and wheels but almost every piece of hardware on a longboard is possible to paint.

Can you paint your plastic longboard?

If by “plastic” you mean the deck, then yes, this process works for painting a plastic board just like it does for a wooden board. This is because the paint and primer will safely bond to any type of material and be able to withstand all types of weather conditions.

Can you paint your longboard wheels?

Yes, you can! Just like any other type of Best wheels, it’s important that it has been removed from the axle and cleaned with soap and water to remove any debris or oils that may be on the surface. Then, just like with your DGK skateboard deck and trucks, you can paint it whatever color you want.

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