DGK Skateboard Deck Review – Yes, Still Worth in 2024

Stevie and his friend Eli Soto co-owned Gold Wheels under the Kayo banner (owned by Troy Morgan). Troy Morgan contacts Stevie about partnering with him and launching a board brand following the success of Gold Wheels. They co-found DGK skateboards. Steve shocked the skate community in 2002 when he announced his departure from Chocolate Skateboards. Stevie admits that leaving Chocolate was extremely difficult because Rick and Mike were his childhood idols, and the team felt like family to him. Dirty Ghetto Kids is launched and very immediately gains significant traction.

It’s hard to discuss DGK without mentioning Love Park. Professional skater Stevie Williams founded DGK (Dirty Ghetto Kids) in 2004. DGK is proud of its reputation, even though it has only been in the skateboarding industry for less than a decade. DGK has distinguished itself from other companies in eliciting laughter and nostalgia sensations. They believe that modern skateboarders place an undue emphasis on difficulty rather than enjoyment. That is why DGK develops skateboard gear exclusively for folks who wish to have fun while riding. When it comes to innovative design, it’s no surprise that DGK is well-known for its skateboard decks. Their decks are whimsical interpretations of renowned food mascots such as Captain Crunch and Hohos.


 DGK Skateboard Deck Review

If you’re seeking skateboard decks that exude fun and humor, DGK skateboard decks are everything you need. The hilarity continues with their clothing collection. DGK skateboards include more humorous artwork inspired by labels like Teddy Grams. Maintaining the DGK fever with their selection of stickers and graphic skateboards offers additional ones too.

DGK Tie Dye Skateboard Deck:

Without a doubt, the skateboard deck is a critical component of your skateboard. It is the board upon which you stand, and it bears the entirety of your weight. If you’re going to construct your skateboard, the first thing you’ll need is a high-quality deck. Depending on how frequently you use the deck, you may need to replace it even with an entire board. While decks may appear straightforward, they come in various shapes and sizes. To make the most significant purchasing decision, you should understand which size and style are appropriate for whatever skating style. It will dictate the capabilities of your skateboard.


Key Features:

  •  This DGK deck is lengthy and ideal for players of all skill levels, from novice to expert. According to the warehouse skateboards crew, this DGK tie and dye deck is rock-solid, filled with pop, and ready to take on a stairwell, pool, or park near you.
  •  If you’re a female skateboarder looking for a deck that embodies all of your colors, this is it. Although, with a tie and dye panel and a large slanting DGK logo. This board combines quality and aesthetics to provide the most satisfactory skateboarding experience imaginable. Additionally, it is lightweight, at 2.7 pounds. DGK skateboard decks are relatively widespread and come in various colors and styles, ensuring that you will always seem fashionable.
  • DGK skateboard decks are constructed well, the graphic is excellent, and the general design is ideal for street skaters. I haven’t attempted this at the park, but I am too familiar with the shape. The visual is fantastic, the pop is excellent, the concave is where I want it, and DGK is undoubtedly doing some tremendous work in general. This skateboard can quickly go from the street to your wall.
  •   In terms of design, this is an excellent skateboard deck. DGK skateboards have done an outstanding job with this one. It’s fantastic. It features Pablo Escobar, and it’s something you’re likely to enjoy if you’re a lover of the DGK visual style.


  • The DGK Skateboard deck is perfect for riders of all ability levels, from beginners to professionals.
  • Predrilled holes for simple assembly of the skate truck
  • Each order includes a sticker from Warehouse Skateboards.
  • Authenticity guaranteed 100 percent.


  • Considered as little expensive for youngsters

 Final Verdict:

There is a perception that skateboarders focus too much attention on difficulties rather than having fun. Using this board, you’ll have the most enjoyable skateboarding experience possible. A rock-solid, colorful, and ready-to-take-on-anything stairway, the DGK tie and dye decks are ready for action.

 A composite polymer reinforces the tail and nose, making it much less prone to chipping or razor-tailing. Flexible and durable, maple wood allows for easy shaping without sacrificing its structural integrity.

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