Supreme Skateboard Deck Review

Supreme Skateboard Deck Review – Tested and Reviewed in 2024

James Jebbia founded Supreme in 1994. When it initially opened its doors, it was a skate store on Lafayette Street in New York City. With its uncompromising New York attitude, pop culture-referencing designs, and minimalist branding, including the now-iconic Supreme Box Logo, the company slowly but steadily established a cult following over the years. Putting a lot of emphasis on being authentic and high-quality, Supreme quickly became the center of the downtown skate community and a place for people who shared their interests.

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Supreme Skateboard Deck Review

Supreme continued to grow its influence in fashion by collaborating with different brands and releasing limited-edition items, which led to a devoted fan base. Over 25 years later, the previously clandestine skate brand has evolved into the pinnacle of streetwear and a well-known brand globally, with 13 outlets across three continents. Skate decks were a natural choice for the Supreme brand because they are a big part of making a place in the skateboarding industry. The brand aims at skateboarding, hip-hop, and young people. Because Supreme has a lengthy history in New York City’s skate culture, other professional skaters, such as Harold Hunter and Jeff Pang, became the firm’s associate.

There are still some people on the skate team who haven’t been on it yet. Brian Anderson is still on the team, as well Aidan Mackey is still a member of the squad. Following the opening of the Supreme store in Paris in 2016, the company also started a French skate team. It includes Dayanne Akadiri, Manuel Schenck, Lucien Momy, and other people.

 Rayne Supreme 2012 Longboard Skateboard Deck

Supreme boards are available in various styles, but we’ll focus on one that’s likely to be available on the market right now. Because they were limited editions and others perished after being used on the streets, many of the finest and best skateboard models are difficult to buy at any price. The Rayne Supreme was created by Nemesis and Killswitch. The Supreme is meant for freeriding and freestyle riding, not for racing. It’s the same board, but they designed it in two sizes to accommodate your requirements and preferences.

Supreme Skateboard Deck

 What’s Special?

  • They have bigger kicks than the Vendetta, which makes them louder. The Nemesis boasts five-eighths-inch radial drops, which are more profound than the Killswitch but give you a more secure feeling.
  •  A three-stage rocker assists you in automatically locking your feet into place and bending your knees together, making spins easier and more fluid to perform.
  • The “Mean Cave,” which isn’t as deep as the “Deep Tub” but still holds your feet, rises steeper at the waist to form a natural gas pedal and creates a beautiful nook where the radial connects.
  • These boards have a “Firm Flex” design that keeps them light, responsive, and enjoyable. You may bomb them if you want, but they aren’t designed for DH like the Vendetta.


  • Stylish and hot
  • A statement in fashion
  • There are well-built decks
  • Sees value in things


  • It can be pricey.
  • It’s hard to find.

Final verdict:

The Supreme Skateboard Deck will appeal to those who enjoy skateboarding and hip-hop culture without hesitation. They are limited editions, all of the top skateboard styles are extremely difficult to come by. For those who wish to do some energetic and fun rides, this skateboard is the perfect choice for you! Firm Flex is what allows the decks to be easy to move around and enjoyable to play on. Supreme produces high-quality decks that are available in a variety of sizes. In certain cases, the decks are between 31 and 33 inches in length.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it reasonable to skate on supreme decks?

During the brand’s 20th anniversary in 2014, Supreme brought back the first of the two shirts and the skateboards that went with it. They make it simple to make the brand’s iconic graphics visible. These boards are almost too good to skate on.

Does Supreme make good decks?

The first thing to remember is that Supreme is a skateboarding business, not a clothing company. Supreme skateboard decks are what makes the brand unique and essential.

What size are supreme decks?

Supreme decks are available in a variety of sizes. This sort of deck is available in three different widths: 8 in, 8.25 in, and in 8.36. If the board is different, the length of the deck may change. There are a large number of standard decks available that are between 31 and 33 inches in length.

Can you skateboard if you’re overweight?

Try better landings and heavy-duty boards to see what works best for you. Some people are more prominent, taller, or more potent than others. It’s more likely that you’ll break your best skateboard deck because you’re heavier, even if you’re very careful. This should not, however, prevent you from having a good time.

Where are Supreme decks made?

They have been made in the United States since 1991. They started in a small warehouse on Long Island. Over the years, they have been able to make decks for brands like Supreme, Illuminati, ClichÃ, and Zoo York, as well as a lot of other small brands.

What are the three types of skateboards?

It’s critical to understand the three different sorts of skateboards. Skateboards come in a lot of different types.
Longboard Skateboards
Cruiser Skateboards
Mini Cruiser Skateboards
Double-Kick Skateboards

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