Nomad Skateboard Deck Review

Nomad Skateboard Deck Review – Your Perfect Gear in 2024

Starting in 2004, Nomad is a small company owned by skaters. Bill Danforth and Jay Kelly, who have been traveling the world for a long time, started the company. They came up with the name “American Nomad” because of Bill’s reputation for going on trips worldwide and spreading skateboarding’s message through demos and more. Aside from that, it was designed so that Danforth and Kelly could create the kinds of stuff that they enjoyed skating on.
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To stay afloat, they want to keep their business going by making high-quality decks there in the United States. They have a strong group of fans and customers of their business. They’re built to last and are suitable for people who are just learning to skate, as well as more experienced skaters who want a deck they can push to the limit. These decks have bright images and designs with big, bold graphics that make a statement. With American Nomad, you can go far and wide. You won’t be disappointed.

What We Know About Nomad:

They wanted to start a new company different from the expensive American brands and didn’t have unique designs. They thought they could help the Spanish scene for their project, one of Europe’s busiest and most enjoyable.

After a few years, NOMAD SKATEBOARDS became the first skateboard brand in Spain in 2001. People who make the brand directly reference that they’ve been traveling a lot, meeting skateboarders from other countries, and finding new places to skate.

Nomad is Awesome

Nomad Skateboard Deck Review

According to the company’s history and regulations, they kept in mind that a brand is not just a logo, but also products that show how people think and act, which is very close to what they love the most: SKATEBOARDING. They, in recent times, according to the sources, have set up shop in more than 22 countries and are actively supporting the European scene. NOMAD SKATEBOARDS is very active in the underground art scene in Zaragoza. They work with designers and artists to show off their work and keep it original and authentic.

If you want a deck with the best pop that’s as tough as you are, you’ve found the right place. It’s time to demonstrate your abilities to the rest of the world.

The new Nomad Skateboards Double Impact deck:

The new skateboards are made with Double Impact technology, the same as that used in some models made by brands made in DSM, such as the Dwindle group. Reinforcing the eight layers of Canadian maple wood with fiber discs is one way to use this technology. The discs are in the parts of the deck that get the most wear and tear. DSM gets its log-based timber in the Great Lakes area of North America. This way, they ensure that the customer’s product is of high quality, consistent, and durable, all of which are important to them as a company.

Nomad Skateboard Deck

DSM came up with its epoxy resin system for making skateboards. They were the only decks on the market that used this epoxy. Three years ago, the Double Impact series was first made. It was first created as an experiment, but it has since become minimal and only for the subsidiary or well-known brands through DSM Manufacturing, the manufacturer of all Nomad Skateboard decks.

 Key Features:

  • The eight layers of maple wood are reinforced with two laminated carbon fiber discs placed in the areas of the deck that are under the most stress. This technology is used on trucks.
  • The construction makes the deck more robust and more durable, which, in addition to making the top of the deck and the length of the deck much longer, the deck lasts a lot longer.
  •  Because of the construction in Epoxy Resin 6 and the carbon discs, they offer you a 45-day guarantee that the parts will not break. Epoxy is a powerful bonding agent that is quite different from the glues that are made with water.

Final Verdict:

The skateboarding scene in Spain has developed in one of the most active and exciting ways in the world. They intended to provide a hand to the situation on the ground. Skateboarding is an excellent choice for learning how to move your body. They can be used by people who are just getting started in skating and skaters who desire a deck that they can push all the way. In 2001, NOMAD SKATEBOARDS was the first best skateboard brand in Spain, having launched only a few years following the company’s founding.

The double Impact technology is used to construct the new Nomad Skateboards. More than six layers of maple wood are used in the deck’s construction, which is reinforced with two laminated carbon fiber discs strategically positioned in high-wear regions of the deck to provide additional strength and durability.

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