How to Break a Skateboard in Half – No No Just Have Fun with it in 2024

The moment you get your best skateboard brand, it’s time to start enjoying all of the features. You might find that there are some small scratches on one side or another but nothing too major because they were carefully installed by professionals who know what they’re doing.

Video Guide: How To Break A Skateboard

How To Break A Skateboard In Half

To break a skateboard in half, you’ll need to find the right spot on the board and apply enough pressure. The most common spot to break a skateboard is right in the middle, but you can also break it at the edges. If you’re going to break it in the middle, you’ll need to put your foot in the center of the board and step on it with all your weight. If you’re breaking it at the edge, you’ll need to put your foot near the edge of the board and push down with all your weight.

Once you’ve found the spot, apply as much pressure as you can until the board snaps in half. You may need to try a few times before you succeed, but with a little practice, anyone can learn how to break a skateboard in half.

What You Need to Know About Skateboard Breakage

It’s important to know that your skateboard does not have to be worn out or even damaged in order to break. Sometimes, all it takes is performing a series of tricks on top of using the board with great care so it doesn’t get banged up too much. But, if you want to perform some high-energy trickery on it, then don’t be surprised to find out that you’ll snap one of your board’s two halves right in the middle due to repeated stress. Moreover, I recommend selling your longboard or skateboard online is the best bet.

1. Snap It Right in the Middle

To break your board, you must snap it in the middle. The easiest way to do that is when your board is sideways on a smooth surface, like a countertop or your kitchen floor. When you break a skateboard, it’s not always because of how careful or strong that particular skater was.

How to Break a Skateboard in Half

Sometimes things go wrong when performing tricks on your board and if they’re too difficult for an average person then there might be some damage done to them due in part to excess stress placed upon their materials by repeated impacts with hard surfaces such as pavement (or even grass).

2. Make Some Fun Kickflips

Kickflips are one of the best tricks to break your board with. It’s not something that most skaters can do (it helps if you already know how to ride) so it makes for a good trick, but also a possible method of actually destroying your gear. Skateboarders have been using this trick for decades now, so you’ll see lots of broken boards.

 Make Some Fun Kickflips
Make Some Fun Kickflips

3. Just Break It Your Way!

There are many ways to break your board. Sometimes it’s due to one specific event, but usually, it’s just because it wasn’t made for repeated use of maneuvers that are difficult or require more energy than most people can handle. Moreover, your board is not unbreakable. Even if you’re careful, it still might happen to you just like the other skaters that have failed over the years.

 Just Break It Your Way
Just Break It Your Way

4-Keeping Your Skateboard In Optimal Condition

A new skateboard for pop is not going to stay new for long. Even if the deck and its wheels are in good shape, you’ll probably still want to replace or upgrade some of your gear so that it’s more useful when you get onto the board and start riding around, trying out different tricks.

 Keeping Your Skateboard In Optimal Condition
Keeping Your Skateboard In Optimal Condition

The best way to protect your board is by storing it in an environment that isn’t too dry or humid. You should also make sure there aren’t any scratches on the surface of whatever you plan on using for storage because these can lead directly toward accelerated wear and tear. Avoid bringing out this board during times when temperature changes might occur (e.g.: summer). Overheating may cause damaged parts quickly without our noticing at first glance, but if possible try avoiding direct sunlight altogether as well. Since its heat produces expansion gestures that contribute greatly towards premature destruction within bearings.

5-Deck Degradation

Even if you take exceptional care of your deck and its components, they will eventually wear out. Some of the most important parts to look at for worn-out conditions include bearings grip tape, trucks, and best skateboard wheels. If any of these parts become loosened or deteriorated, then your board may experience sudden breakage due to excessive stress placed upon the deck without warning.

 Deck Degradation
Deck Degradation

Take care of all of these things when you purchase a skateboard and hopefully it will take many years for you to see any sort of damage occurring on your board. If you’re not afraid to get into some hard-core riding sessions,

6-Splinters on the Board

Your skateboard is not made from very forgiving wood. If you do something extremely foolish, then it might be breakable in the same way that a tree branch might snap. If you have splinters on your board after riding around for an extensive period of time, then it’s possible that there was some damage done to its material due to your slip-ups.

 Splinters on the Board
Splinters on the Board

7-Using the Glue to Fix Your Skateboard Deck

You’ll need to ask yourself whether it’s really worth taking the time and energy used in fixing your board instead of just keeping it broken. If you’re obsessed with getting another trick down, then go for it. Just use the glue at your own risk.

 Using the Glue to Fix Your Skateboard Deck
Using the Glue to Fix Your Skateboard Deck


So, before you go out there and tear up your skateboard deck with the most pop to pieces, stop and think about why you’re doing this. If it’s just because you want to try out a new trick on your board, then take the precautionary steps toward keeping it in good shape so that radical damage is less likely to occur after your next jam sash.

Skateboard breaks are not always avoidable, but if you use the board with care and avoid doing anything too risky, then it might last you for a long time. If you want to get serious about skating, then take the steps needed toward protecting your investment.

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