Long Island's Chad Caruso

Man from Long Island makes history while skateboarding across country

COPIAGUE, Long Island (WABC) — It is a long way from Venice Beach, California to Virginia Beach, Virginia – 3,162 miles to be exact. It is a long drive, but time-wise, it is an even longer skate.

Long Island’s Chad Caruso completed the 57-day journey on his skateboard from March to May – battling elements along the way.

“The rain kinda got annoying sometimes. I got a garbage bag on me trying to keep my stuff dry,” Caruso said.

In doing so, Caruso became a Guinness World Record holder, becoming the fastest male crossing America on a skateboard.

“I saw that nobody ever really did it – became super focused on doing it,” Caruso said.

His journey was about much more than skating and records. Caruso overcame addiction. Now seven years sober, his skate raised money and awareness for mental health and youth addiction.

“It’s called natural high. They’re in classrooms in all 50 states,” he says, “my main thing is try to make the right choices – keep focusing on it…things will turn around.”

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