Pasha Tretyakov

Meet the skaters who continue to skate in Russia despite the war

Pasha Tretyakov and crew

Hoping for the best in more ways than one, Pasha sent over his new video and with it, this sobering message:

“When the war unleashed, we all went on strikes and some of us left Russia for good, but we quickly realized that we can’t do much about the situation — it’s the government’s war, and they couldn’t care less about our opinions and actions. 2022 was a fucked up year, but in 2023 me and my friends decided that the best we can do is what we do best: Be ourselves, do no harm to people and keep skateboarding. As the snow melted in March 2023, we started filming in the streets of Siberia, and now we have this short video. Weird no complys, primo slides, body varials in the middle of Hubbas, unusual combinations, a couple big spots and probably some NBDs — all we wanted to do for this video turned out as a win.”

“The name of the video is HOPING FOR THE BEST — that’s what we’re doing as we try to deal with all this crazy shit life had in store for us. I know Russian footage is frowned upon at the moment, but I thought I’d give it a shot. Hopefully the world gets back to normal sooner than later.”

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