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Skate Park Group in Newport Has Raised a Surprising Amount of Money

The Friends of Newport Skatepark (FONS), a community-driven organization, announced it has raised $750,000 towards a goal of $1 million.

“At the heart of this endeavor was the recent Broadway Street Fair in Newport, a vibrant event that not only celebrated the spirit of the community but also highlighted the inclusiveness of skateboarding. The fair featured an impressive skateboarding demonstration, where professionals, novices, and enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds participated, exemplifying the sport’s ability to unite and inspire,” announced FONS.

“The construction of the skatepark, entrusted to Spohn Ranch, an award-winning skatepark design-build firm with over 30 years of experience, ensures that the project is in capable hands. Spohn Ranch, known for its innovative and high-quality designs, has a legacy that began in Aaron Spohn’s backyard and has since evolved into a globally recognized firm. Their expertise in creating world-class skate facilities is a testament to their dedication to the sport and community building,” said FONS.

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