Is Minority A Good Skateboard Brand

Is Minority a Good Skateboard Brand? -Tested And Reviewd in 2024

There are a lot of new skateboard brands coming out all the time, but only a few are doing things right. Minority Skateboard is one of them. There are many exciting things to learn about Minority if you’ve seen their beautiful skateboards and want to learn more about the company.

In this article, we have reviewed the top-selling product of the best-known brand in detail, considering multiple aspects to guide you in a better way.

Is Minority A Good Skateboard Brand?

MINORITY 32inch Maple Skateboard:

When compared to some of the big new names like SCSK8 or Politic, they already have managed to make a big impression. It has grown and put out new things which help them stand out in the market. The best thing about this brand is its unique design.

Minority 32inch Maple Skateboard
MINORITY Maple Skateboard


Beginning as a brand for skateboarding, Minority has become a brand for all skateboarders of any age or skill level.

Riding experience On Minority

The Minority has gained the trust of more than 20,000 people. For someone new to skateboarding, this skateboard is the best skateboard brand for you. You can practice the basics of riding more quickly. On the other hand, riders who know how to grind, aluminum trucks are drawn to them.

Having parts that can move and bend isn’t the only thing that skateboarders want as long as your safety and comfort are taken care of while on the skateboard.  Minority skateboards will surprise you with how well they turn. So, if that’s something you have trouble with when you skateboard, you might want to think about getting their longboards.

Minority Deck

The deck is an essential part of any skateboard, and the Minority pays extra attention. You can put up to 220 pounds on the deck of the Minority skateboard. Because the deck is shock-absorbing, it won’t fall apart while you’re riding. It is made of 7-ply hard rock maple and epoxy glue. Their decks have just the right amount of sturdiness and comfort. Because it’s firm doesn’t mean it has to be big or hard. This company has done a pretty good job, without a doubt.  You can get concave tail, downhill, and best pop decks from them.

Minority Wheels

Wheels are considered to be the most important part of a skateboard, and it is seen that Minority skateboard wheels are strong enough to stay in place and do not slip. Minority skateboards have carefully selected all of the components necessary for a stable ride.

The ABEC-9 bearings used in it and 32mm 102A polyurethane wheels let the rider move fast with just three powerful sweeps. These high-rebound PU wheels have a fair amount of elasticity, just like rubber wheels do. On the other hand, they have the toughness of metal wheels which is also vital. So, you get the perfect blend.


It is difficult to tell the difference between different truck brands because they are virtually identical designs and structures. Additionally, the trucks are not affected by the Minority skateboard. They use aluminum trucks that are five inches long. They have chromium steel kingpins on them. They have a straight chromium steel axle, a heavyweight, and other materials that won’t get rusty and can’t be broken by a fall. Such a high-quality metal deck can hold more than 200 pounds of the rider’s weight.


Minority skateboards have also paid attention to the bushing for a smooth ride. The bushings are decent for the price range that Minority skateboards and longboards are sold at, so they work well. In this case, they’ve used 78A rubber bushings, which go well with the PU wheels they have. They have thought about the quality of the materials used to make the product, never to make the rider feel guilty about buying it. You won’t have to change them or purchase new ones for a better ride any time soon.


ABEC bearings are used on Minority Skateboards. ABEC bearings come in five different types based on their tolerance levels, ranging from the highest to the lowest. They are ABEC 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9. The fastest, most efficient, and the most precise ride is to go through the highest category. ABEC categories don’t matter if you can handle a lot of weight, make accurate balls, use high-quality materials, or have a hardness level called Rockwell. They’re good at what they do: Minority skateboards have suitable bearings, so they’ll only get started to wear out if you use them a lot.

 Grip Tape

There is a philosophy behind skateboard deck designs that makes sense because of the name they give to their boards. The deck’s graphics are based on different cultures and sub-cultures worldwide. It also has a strong adhesive grip tape on the top that helps all types of riders keep their balance and keep their hands and feet in good shape while they ride. The art is at the bottom.

Besides that, this art is made to last a long time, so it won’t come off or fade, no matter how much your skateboard is used. In the end, the design of these skateboards, both in terms of how they work and how they look, is a big help for the brand.


Skates made by minorities are by far the best deal you can get for your money. Most of their skateboard models and designs cost less than $100, but not all of them. Skateboards can cost as little as $50 or $60, but you can see the huge price difference when you compare them to other brands. It’s one of the few new names in the skateboard market that isn’t charging too much for what they’re selling. However, it falls into the lower-priced skateboards group based on its pricing.

Are Minority skateboards worth the money?

There isn’t much information accessible regarding the company’s origins or even where they are created or manufactured. However, it’s a yes, that the skateboards seem to be good quality and don’t cost a lot. To get a good skateboard without it being made by one of the big skateboard brands, Minority Skates should be on your list. They pay attention to the design and art on the deck. Minority skateboards have used the parts that make it easy and safe to ride smoothly and with complete control. If you like to go on adventures and have fun, by wearing the best outfit then this Minority skateboard is the right brand for you, we must say.

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