Best Skateboards For Rough Roads

Best Skateboards For Rough Roads- Reviewed in 2024

One of the best aspects of the skateboarding world is that there are no exceptions. You can be a great skateboarder regardless of your age, size, or gender as long as you understand the principles. As a result, seeing female teenagers on skateboards should not be surprising.

Skateboards come in many shapes and sizes and, of course, differ depending on your skating skill. In recent years, the skateboarding market has grown incredibly. The young generation and adults are now interested in skating and are more likely to buy skateboards. The unique thing about the skateboards is their feminine design.

As a result, skateboarding for rough roads differs from skateboarding for skate parks. And you may find it difficult to select the greatest skateboard among a plethora of options. Fortunately, we have compiled a selection of high-quality skateboards to assist you in your search for the best skateboard brands for rough roads. What could be more appealing to a skater than shredding on a skateboard?

Best Skateboards For Rough Roads

1. ANDRIMAX Longboard Skateboard

Starting off with a top-selling skateboard, you won’t have to worry about your skate deck falling off. You cannot get your feet stuck on the deck, which comes with emery paper. Basically, a type of sandpaper that can protect your furniture from water damage. 7-ply Canadian maple wood, ANDRIMAX full skateboards are more stable and secure for skaters. Skaters of all skill levels can easily ride this board, which has a maximum weight capacity of 330 lbs. With exceptional PU wheels, ANDRIMAX skateboards provide a high level of rebound and tight grip. They can handle any sort of road with ease. Using a thicker aluminum alloy truck, these skateboards are more stable and balanced.

ANDRIMAX Longboard Skateboard
ANDRIMAX Longboard Skateboard

Key Features

  •   The high-quality truck is safe for rough roads to ride on and the trucks are made up of aluminum alloy. It is provenly a good truck for people who are just starting out & stable which is important for teenagers and people who are just starting out. PU damping in the trucks makes your ride safer and more comfortable than ever before.
  •   The grip makes these wheels work well on any street. There won’t be any shakes even if the road is bumpy. It will not make a lot of noise because it has an ABEC-11 bearing that is quiet.
  •  The 95A 53mm high rebound wheels keep the speed level. There are ABEC-11 bearings that are meant to make rides even more smooth. Moreover, the bearings don’t make a lot of noise.


  • It is more stable and comes with a distorted theme by default.
  • High-quality PU wheels provide a pleasant ride.
  • Trucks with PU damping systems have better safety than other trucks.
  • Waterproof emery sandpaper feature.


  • It has a poor quality of construction.
  • It can become a little smoother than you desire.

Final words:

Using a thicker aluminum alloy truck, these skateboards are more stable and balanced. ANDRIMAX skateboards are a great gift for kids and teens over the age of four since they are age-appropriate.

2. Punisher Skateboard:(Best Skateboard for Rough Terrain)

Out of many, our second recommendation of the day; Punisher Girls Skateboard offers the best gliding experience at the lowest cost of ownership. This complete sliding board has an intricate pattern printed on Canada’s permanent alongside features a consistent map with the highest quality properties available. It is considered as an ideal skateboard for rough. The unique shape of the tires gives the rider over 200 kilos of power. It has a solid 5-inch Punisher truck painted in metallic red paint with black tires to stabilize the tire. 

Punisher Skateboard
Punisher Skateboard

Key Features:

  •  Each girl’s slide board is pre-assembled and features Punisher ABEC-7 quick bearings, 54 x 36 mm white with Ivory PU wheels, and colorful designs.
  • The 80AB Heavy Grit Skate grip gives you the most tension in your feet on this board to provide you with better control when gliding.
  •   All Punisher sliding boards undergo rigorous quality control to ensure the belt is positioned correctly and protected.


  • Has a fantastic print design.
  • The highest quality components are used.
  • Durable Canadian maple decks ensure long life.


  • Scratches can cause discoloration.

Final words:

Heavy Grit Skateboard Tape 80AB ensures your feet have the best traction on this board to provide the best control while skating. The Punisher skateboard ensures quality control to ensure the tape is applied evenly.

3. Amrgot Skateboards Pro (Best Skateboard for Bumpy Roads)

The Amrgot Skateboard has a light yet firm surface, featuring a high-density waterproof grip that allows you to ride well even in heavy rain. With that said, this skateboard has the characteristics of LED wheels that light up as you ride. In my opinion, the color 10 for its bright and more textured design than the others make it more attractive and enjoyable. A new design skateboard that emits night light in the night. It has eight piles of good-quality maple with better flexibility and durability, which ultimately ensures that you enjoy driving with tremendous control. It is supported by an aluminum alloy stent, high quality, and smooth turning.

Amrgot Skateboards Pro

Key Features:

  • It has ABEC 9 bearings with high-speed inebriant, 54mm PU Wheels. It is an entirely brand-new design, which is brighter and more textured.
  • The Amrgot Skateboards Pro is 31 inches long, and an appropriate skateboard for new skaters. You can buy personalized skateboard decks with different types of prints on the bottom. This is one of the more flashy skateboard design.
  • The Amrgot skateboard has a strong, seven-ply Canadian maple deck and wide aluminum alloy trucks that make it easy to move around on the ground. This makes it about as stable a skateboard as you can get while still having a lot of fun.


  • A flexible and robust design that allows you to ride longer.
  • Stable enough for taller people to start.
  • People who like to jump and do other stunts will like this.
  • Comes in 7 different colors, which are eye-catching and suitable for impressing others.


  • May Not be suitable for adults.
  •  It’s possible that the designs at the bottom will turn you off.

Final words:

You can make some tight turns on this board without taking a fall, and it can handle simple jumps well. This skateboard has a beautiful, waterproof design on the underside of the deck. Even after a long day at the skate park, this skateboard shines among others.

4. Beleev Skateboards:(Best Skateboard for Rough Street)

The Beleev Cruiser Skateboard is specifically designed for the everyday skateboarder. It not only works for beginners but also experienced drivers. This means you get a dual-purpose product. The material used adds stability and comfort to your riding experience and ensures that the board will not bend even if it slips or breaks. Designed by Beleev, this small boat is made of thick plastic and has a flat nose and a raised tail. The best skateboard deck doesn’t have grip tape on it but has a textured surface that makes it a little more slippery. These skates have ABEC 7 bearings, medium bushings, and big wheels. This makes it perfect for a smooth ride. There are some boards that your child is less likely to fall off of, like the ones that have a rough surface.

Beleev Skateboards for Beginners
Beleev Skateboards

Key Features:

  • The wheels have LED lights that move when they move, which might be cool enough for your child.
  • It’s built with a compact and robust body that’s fun to ride and easy to carry. This is our board of choice for anyone who skates anywhere. Everyone from children to adults appreciates its adaptability and smoothness.
  • The board has non-slip emery tape with a high coefficient of friction. It improves your balance and ability to dominate the board.


  • Composed of 7-ply Canadian maple wood, which is both flexible and sturdy.
  • Beginners-friendly board.
  • Wheels with lights have turned on and off features.
  • It only weighs 4.7 pounds, so it’s easy to move around or put in a bag.


  • It’s not ideal for professional skaters to use.
  • The LEDs are not rechargeable and are integrated into the wheels.

Final words:

A well-thought-out skateboard is ready to hit the road as soon as you get it. Its adaptability and smooth ride will appeal to children, teens, females, and adults of all ages.

5. WeSkate Complete Skateboard

The 7-layer maple board used by the WeSkate brand is allegedly designed for running and rolling. The use of magnalium alloy trucks and PU wheels are already included in the whole skateboard, so there’s no need to buy them separately. An excellent skateboard, made of metal and solidity keeps you safe from any incident and random falling. This gives the rider a sense of security while engaging in fraudulent activity, regardless of their location. You may use it for novices of all ages, from youngsters to adolescents.

WeSkate Complete Skateboard

Key Features:

  •   It has a strong grip and isn’t going to fall off. This one offers a lot of friction and strong anti-slip. It can be used on both smooth and rough ground. When you slide on this skateboard, your shoes will be able to grip the board and have a stable, firm grip.
  •  The heat transfer pattern design is waterproof and durable. So, it can keep the pattern glossy for a long time.
  •   At both ends, there is a design that makes it easier to rotate. When it’s time to use and control a deck, it can kick it off the ground and lift it up quickly. This can help you learn how to jump on a skateboard more advanced skills and many skateboarding tricks.


  •  Has a wide board for large legs and a safety level.
  • Ideal for riding on bumpy roads.
  • It contains 3 inches trucks made of aluminum.
  • Comes in different shades.


  • The seventh grade will not tolerate any incident.

Final words:

Truly an extraordinary skateboard that withstands a lot of wear. The solid metal skateboards will keep you safe on and off the ground.

Best Skateboards For Rough Roads-Buying Guide


One of the most important considerations is the rider’s age. Choose a skateboard deck in the 6.5″-8″ size range if you’re shopping for one for your child. For teenagers, there is no ideal age at which they can begin skating. However, youngsters under the age of five may not be ready to begin skating.


Color and design are two of the most important things to keep in mind when purchasing skateboards for bumpy roads. Skateboards for bumpy roads are made by selective companies. There are some fantastic skateboards built for the rough streets by Beleev, WiiSHAM, and WhiteFang.


If you’re just learning to skate, a cheap, average-quality skateboard will do the trick. If you wish to, you can change the parts in the future. Pre-assembled full skateboards are a good choice for intermediate-level skaters looking for a board to use on the street or at a skate park. They’re usually made with that in mind. For stunts, they usually come with wheels and bearings of superior softness and quality.

Quality of the deck

The deck’s size should be examined. Seven-ply maple wood is the standard construction material for most decks. There is little variation in general quality, but the more expensive the deck, the better it is.

Quality of Wheels and Bearings

The most common wheel diameter is 52 millimeters, and while smaller wheels provide a smoother ride, they are more difficult for a beginner to master. Make sure that the wheels have built-in lights and are made of excellent materials and are built properly.

Video Guide

Video Guide: Best Skateboards For Rough Roads

Final Verdict:

We have so far discussed top-rated skateboards for teenage rough and bumpy roads. The Amrgot Skateboards Pro is a light yet firm surface suitable for teenagers, with a waterproof grip that emits night light in the dark. It has ABEC 9 bearings with high-speed inebriant. With that said, the other one is made of eight maple piles and polyurethane wheels with bearings that already contain high-quality grease. It is suitable for teenagers and adults, ANDRIMAX skateboards are an excellent choice as a gift for your children over four years old.

The quality of the best skateboards brands featured in this article is astounding, as are all of the boards mentioned. The buyer decides exactly what he wants. If you’re shopping for teenagers, you need to choose a board that’s the right height and age. Skateboards of poor quality are not only a waste of money, but they can also be dangerous for a skater. A helmet and knee pads are also recommended for skaters who have not yet mastered the basics of skating. On the ending note, It’s also critical to have a thorough understanding of how skateboards are put together.

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