Where Can I Skateboard

Where Can I Skateboard ? – 15 Places To Skate Safely in 2024

As a skateboarder, you’re always on the lookout for new places to shred. But sometimes it can be hard to find a good spot that’s not already crowded with people or too dangerous. So we put together a list of the best places to skateboard in each state. Let’s Discover the best places to skateboard near you! Our comprehensive guide answers the question, ‘Where can I skateboard?’ Find skateboarding spots, parks, and tips for an epic ride.

The great thing about skateboarding is that you can do it just about anywhere! Of course, you’ll need to be mindful of your surroundings and be respectful of property owners, but there are plenty of places where skating is allowed and encouraged. Local skate parks are a great option if you’re looking for a dedicated space to skate. Many parks have different areas for beginners and experienced skaters, so you can progress at your own pace. If you’re more into street skating, then you’ll want to head to your city’s downtown core or other popular neighborhoods.

Here you’ll find ledges, stairs, and handrails to perfect your tricks. Just be sure to stay alert and watch out for obstacles like cars or pedestrians. Wherever you choose to skate, always wear protective gear and obey the local laws. Skateboarding is a fun and challenging activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages – so get out there and start exploring!

Where Can I Skateboard

1- At A skatepark:

Skateboarding is a lot more than just tricks. It’s about making friends and practicing your skills so that you can one day do those incredible many skateboarding tricks in the park. The city is a skating paradise. Skaters of all levels can find their perfect spot in the concrete jungle. The best part? You don’t need to be good at skateboarding because there are plenty of spots that will help beginners learn how to skateboard

Where Can I Skateboard
At A skatepark

2-An actual park:

Not all skateparks are made the same. Some offer bowls, some have stairs and rails, but not every spot is designed for skating. This park offers a range of spots to practice your skills and enhance your tricks in preparation for the park. Plus it’s free. Plus, it’s got an awesome view.

Where Can I Skateboard
An actual park:

3-An empty parking lot:

Driving around to look for a spot can take up a lot of time and energy. So if you really want to spend more time skateboarding, find an empty parking lot to practice in. Just make sure there’s no one else’s car there. The key is not to get caught by the police or security guards because that is illegal. If they catch you, then you will have to pay a fine or spend some time in jail.

Where Can I Skateboard
An empty parking lot:

4-An indoor skatepark:

Of course, nothing beats the comfort of an indoor skatepark. The good news is that there are many new and exciting ones opening up around the world (including in some unlikely countries like Russia and Thailand). This one opened last year and has all of the equipment you need to hone your tricks while staying safe. Plus it’s got a really fun design and though it’s indoors, there is a lot of natural light.

An indoor skatepark

5-Your Garage:

If you’re really serious about practicing your tricks, why not try doing them at home? It will take a lot of patience and time to construct the perfect set-up that lets you do all those crazy flips. But as long as you have space in your garage, it’s easier than finding other places around town. Just make sure you’re not going to damage your property when you do it.

Your Garage

6-Carpet or Grass:

The list of the best places to skateboard, grass, or carpet is a pretty obvious one. Best Skateboard brands work just as well on grass as they do on concrete so why not try it out? If you’re going to do this kind of skating, make sure that it’s close to where you live because if your parents catch you, they might get angry.

Carpet or grass:

7-A Swimming pool if you’re a Pro:

If you’re really good at skateboarding and know how to do all the incredible tricks on your board, then try skating in a swimming pool! It’s probably the most difficult place to ride your skateboard but it’s also really fun.

A Swimming pool if you’re a Pro

8-Community college/University campus plaza:

It’s almost like the community college/university campus is made for skateboarding. It has everything you need to practice your favorite tricks! There are stairs, rails, and curbs that make the best obstacles. Whether it’s raining or snowing, there is always an opportunity to skateboard at this place.

Where Can I Skateboard
College/University campus plaza

9-The back of warehouse stores:

Warehouse stores have a ton of space in their back areas. It’s the perfect environment for skateboarders who want to go big. There are a lot of ramps and obstacles that you can practice on or just ride around if you’re bored.

The back of warehouse stores

10-Upscale neighborhoods:

A good place to start when looking for a place to skateboard is upscale neighborhoods. Why? Because no one will expect you to be there! You can do all the tricks that you want without getting in trouble with your parents or the police. Plus it’s fun to explore different areas of your city and see what everyone else lives like.

11-Community park:

A community park is a good place to skateboard because it usually has some sort of equipment for you to use. It could be anything from stairs and rails to curbs and ledges that will enhance your skills. Just don’t get too rowdy or the police might show up.

 12-Bike or pedestrian paths:

Check out your local bike or pedestrian path to see what kind of obstacles it has. There are usually some cool ramps and rails that you can do all sorts of tricks on. Plus if you’re in a more secluded area, there is nobody around for miles so you can go as crazy as you want.

13-Your own house/street:

Your own house is another great place to skateboard. And if your parents find out, then just tell them that you’re only doing it in the driveway so it shouldn’t be a big deal. And as long as you aren’t publicly disturbing people around you, you should be fine.

Your own house/street

14-Community Playgrounds:

If outdoor skateboarding is too much work or it’s raining, then why not check out the local community playground? There are usually some good ramps and rails that your friends can use as obstacles to doing their best tricks on. But make sure you’re not disturbing the other kids playing around you or else the police might show up and give you a ticket.

Where Can I Skateboard
Community Playgrounds

15-Hospitals (more likely to get arrested):

This is probably one of the worst places that you could ever skateboard at. Hospitals are filled with sick people who want to rest so they will definitely not be happy if they see someone riding around where they’re at. Usually, there is security around so you will definitely get in trouble and arrested.


There are tons of places in your city where you can go skateboarding. All it takes is a little bit of exploring and asking around to see what people think about the areas that you’re thinking about skating at. Just make sure that you don’t get in trouble or disturb someone when trying out new spots.

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Can you skateboard anywhere?

No, that’s a dumb question because I just told you that there are tons of places that you can go skateboarding at! Now pick up your board and get out into the city to try all these different spots out.

Where is the best place to learn skateboarding?

The best place to learn skateboarding is at a local skate park. I know that it’s not the same as being able to build your own obstacles but if you don’t have a lot of money, then this is definitely the best place for you to start off skating. There are usually some good ramps and rails that will be fun for you to use. Plus it’s an open environment so there are no distractions around you which helps you learn things much faster.

Where are you not allowed to skateboard?

Anywhere that it is illegal for you to be. That’s pretty much all of the places in your city because if it’s not legal then why are you there? You will most likely get arrested or fined, so just avoid doing anything that could possibly cause you to get into trouble already.

Can you skateboard in Singapore?

Yes, you can skateboard in Singapore. It’s not illegal for you to be doing tricks or riding around on your board as long as you are mindful of the people around you. If they tell you to leave them alone then do so immediately because nobody likes being bothered when they’re trying to relax. Just make sure that wherever you are skating is not within the vicinity of pedestrian paths, roads, hospitals, or any other crowded areas.

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