Independent Skateboard Truck Review

Independent Skateboard Trucks Review – Your Key Gear in 2024

Skateboarding has a cult following. Only those who are willing to slam the door remain in the game. Skating is a self-selecting group, so there have been many dedicated sub-groups over the years. Discover the ultimate freedom of skateboarding with our comprehensive Independent Skateboard Trucks Review. Uncover the top-rated trucks that will take your riding to the next level, as we break down their performance, durability, and value.

Get ready to roll with confidence and style – find the perfect skateboard trucks for your unique riding experience today. Some pray in the curb’s temple. Others are devoted to specific brands, which occasionally operate as their sect. The Independent Trucks brand has a lot of fans, but none have been as loyal for 40 years. People have been grinding down to the axle and getting tattoos of their favorite brand’s cross logo for nearly 50 years. Independent trucks is like a business run by a family with many fans who are crazy about trucks.

The Bennett and the Tracker were the two top trucks at the time. Following the completion of Stage II in 1979, Stage III was completed in 1980, and so on. With each successive stage, a small number of enhancements have been made to the original design, such as removing aluminum to reduce weight, “pinching” the baseplate to increase durability or adding support “wings” to the hangers, which swoop down sharply towards the pivot to provide lightweight strength.

Independent 215 Trucks Review

Although independent trucks are quite sturdy, they have a reputation for being somewhat hefty, which gracefully changed with the introduction of Independent’s Stage 11 and Titanium trucks. Indy trucks offer the most meat to grind through of any trucks and are ideal for street and transition skateboarding. Not everyone agrees with the stock bushings, but that is true of all brands.

Independent 215 Trucks Review
Independent 215 Trucks

Independent Stage 11 is the ideal tool for meeting the technical demands of a new generation. They are a new upgrade on a time-tested design. In relation to this, the “Indy” 139s are of this size to accommodate boards ranging in width from 7.75 to 8.25 inches, with an 8-inch steady grind area surrounding a hollow axle. Indy Stage 11 is 10% lighter than the average build, weighing 338.4 grams. As a result, it gets the market’s most extraordinary lightweight strength and durability mix.

The new class of Independents is usually for nasty street skating. Due to the robustness of their material composition, these trucks may require several sessions to break in thoroughly. With their technological prowess and brand awareness, they command a premium price. Having said that, the Independent brand is linked with dependability and excellence. This is one of the greatest skate trucks available and is the cream of the crop of severe skateboarders in need of a lightweight, heavy-duty gear that will function in the most demanding skating conditions on the planet.

Independent 215 Trucks
Independent 215 Trucks

What’s Special about it?

  • The metal on it has a softer feel, making them excellent for grinding purposes. They are relatively tall; the forged trucks measure 53.5mm (the same as the Venture and Tensor), while the standard/hollow trucks are 55mm.
  • If you are accustomed to riding low trucks, this will require some adjustment. Independent trucks, in my opinion, are the cheapest option. Although they are a little more expensive, they last for a long time, so the few extra dollars are well worth the investment.
  • Excellent for transitional and street use
  • A must-have for mini ramps, bowls, and swimming pools
  • Extremely maneuverable trucks
  • The most dependable trucks
  • Lifetime Warranty (whatever that means)

Moreover,  Independent trucks are available in a variety of sizes and accommodate the best pop skateboard deck widths ranging from 6.2′′ to 10′′. Occasionally, more than one truck size fits, but do not be too concerned about this. Trucks do not have to be wholly aligned with your deck. Additionally, there is a personal choice and the size of your wheels to consider.


  • An old-school deck of higher quality
  • Two-piece set
  • There is no hand-up yoke
  • Axles are chrome alloy steel and have grade 8 kingpins


  • Bushings have an uncomfortably soft feel

Final verdict:

Independent Trucks indeed possesses numerous strengths that contribute to the brand’s uniqueness in the business. What is true is that Independent has a reactive turn and a high level of wear and durability. In any case, there will always be those yearning for lower trucks, such as a Venture, or trucks with even more turn, such as a Bennet.

Almost fifty years have passed since the inception of the first independent skateboard trucks. Best skateboard brands‘ deck widths ranging from 6.2″ to 10″ can accommodate independent trucks of various diameters. When it comes Independent is quite responsive and durable.

Buying Guide:

In most cases, a new truck has three different profiles/shapes, and the distance between its hanger and the bottom of the deck is commonly the truck’s length.

1.    The LOW PROFILE is excellent for small-wheeled boards, and this results in increased stability, particularly during strenuous maneuvers and feats. If your board’s wheel is between 50 and 53mm in diameter, you should choose a low-profile model.

2.   The MEDIUM PROFILE versions are designed primarily for boards that frequently ride through parks and streets. They are on the top list for buying 53-56mm in diameter wheels.

3. The HIGH PROFILE equips with wheels that are 56mm or larger. These are often on extensively ridden skateboards on the streets or on longboards that are pretty long.

Video Guide

Video Guide: Independent Skateboard Trucks

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth paying the extra money to get lighter trucks?

It’s a matter of personal preference and how the board feels beneath your feet. You’ll quickly learn by experimenting with various committees and trucks. My argument is that if you believe your boards are too heavy, you spend too much time carrying them under your arm rather than standing on top of them. Children, this is a skateboard, not a handbag, better to think about this fact before making a buy.

When were Independent Trucks first released?

The first Indys, in 1978 and at that time, aimed to combine “the two best features of the top trucks: the turn of the Bennett and the modern durability and flexibility of the Tracker.” Independent Stage 11 are the first trucks.

Are all Independent trucks good?

Yes, Independent skateboard trucks are good enough but they are the heaviest, have the most extended lifespan, but turn slowly. The most incredible truck is dependent on your skating location, style, and personal preference. You cannot assert that Thunders are superior to independent trucks or that Ventures are superior to independent trucks.

Are eleven-stage Independent Trucks bulky?

Stage 11’s base model weighs 400g. The brand is all about resistance if you haven’t gathered by now. As a result, Indies Stage 11 trucks are on the hefty side.

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