Bustin Longboard Review

Bustin Longboard Review- Diversify Your Skating Experience in 2023

Bustin Boards is a company built on quality, innovation, and style. In their early beginnings, they produced handmade custom longboards and made them available to customers worldwide through their site. Now in their third year of production, they are growing and innovating more than ever with new styles and designs each season.
The Bustin Longboard brand has been an icon in the skateboarding world since its inception. They have gained a massive following because of their high-quality product and dedication to the community.

Because of this, they have become one of the most respected brands in skateboarding today. Bustin Longboard Review: Discover the Ultimate Longboarding Experience – Fair and In-Depth Analysis of Bustin Longboards, Pros, Cons, and More!
Their boards are widely known for quality construction, fantastic graphics, and unique shapes that appeal to many different types of riders. With so much love for longboarding in general, it’s great to see brands like Bustin continue to innovate the market for the betterment of the sport we all love!

Bustin Longboard Review

The company aims that everyone deserves a board that was handcrafted specifically for them. Recently, longboards have become more popular. People often ride longboards around town and on college campuses. People on longboards are frequently seen in these areas, whether riding for enjoyment or getting around. Most longboards look the same, but slight differences can make a big difference in speed and how easy it is to ride. In this article, we’ll look at one of the most popular Bustin longboards on the market.

Through the design and functionality of their boards, the company wants riders to show off their unique style. There are more options and graphics than any other company that makes boards. A lot of people at Bustin love boards and riding.

Bustin Maestro (E) Core Longboard

We were looking at the Bustin longboard for so long in particular. The Maestro has long been one of Bustin’s most popular longboards, and the (E) Core is the most recent version. The Maestro (E) Core gets its name from the Bustin Labs’ (E) Core building, which results from years of research and development.

Bustin Longboard Review
Bustin Longboard

Built of Canadian Maple wood with glue and reinforcement materials made by Bustin, all work together to make it stronger and lighter. The Maestro (E) Core preserves its new board feels four times as long as other all-wood boards. When you take up the board, you can see it is lighter. Push Camber is also included in this version of the Maestro, enabling quick rebound while keeping an excellent shape for effortless slides. Thanks to this innovation, the Maestro (E) Core is swift and easy to ride, which lets you generate twice as much horsepower with each pedal push. There are a lot of longboards made by Bustin, and the Maestro is one of the best for getting around.

Key Features:

1. Redesigned

The Maestro has been completely redesigned. It has a new mold, shape, and (E) Core TM construction. The improved Push-Camber design means that your longboard will rebound quickly as you speed through the city. The new micro-rocker design makes it easier to slide.

2. Durability

Bustin longboards are known for their durability, and the Maestro (E) Core is no exception in this regard. Because this longboard is made of high-quality materials and designed with care, as it is solid.

3. Easy for people

This high-quality board is made with every bit of thing in mind. It has many advanced features that make it easy for people to have a good time on the ride. 

4. Working faster

It will assist you in working faster and further if you are a newbie. In addition, the design of this board makes it easier for people who know how to slide to turn their board. Your board will turn more readily if you’re more experienced and know how to skate or if you’re learning.

5. Absorb vibration

 Bustin has made their best all-around wheel for this model, a 70mm Premier Formula wheel. This is what comes with the Maestro (E) Core. They absorb vibration and have good traction, which makes them great for making quick turns and riding on rough roads. When you’re riding in the city, you don’t know what kind of pavement you’ll find, and you may have to make a lot of tight turns. You also often have to make quick moves to avoid collisions.

The Good

  • Great materials
  • The best wheels
  • These are pretty long-lasting
  • Make the Camber go up

The Bad

  • A little bit expensive
  • Beginners may not be able to enjoy the feature entirely

Video Guide

Video Guide: Bustin Longboard Review

Final verdict:

Bustin longboards differ from skateboards in appearance and use; thus, they are different. As the name suggests, a longboard is longer than a skateboard and is ideal for riding long distances at high speeds. They won’t cover all bases if they have too many models that get lost in the crowd. The Bustin line is small but diverse. Compared to the famous Maestro, the Maestro E core is more powerful.

It’s great for people who want a board that can do everything (an all-in-one). Bamboo-X construction reduces weight and increases strength, while drop thru mounts keeps you at an ideal height for easy pushing. Rebound Drop Camber is one of the best features, as it adds a lot of responsiveness to your carves. If you’ve tried the Maestro and liked it, but you want to spend more money, It would be good to get the E-core version, this is the ideal board for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Bustin boards made?

They have been handcrafting boards for all riders for nearly 20 years. Each model makes it easier to push and last longer, basically, they are based only in New York and made for the world.

Longboarding is most prevalent in which cities?

Cape Town, South Africa, is the first stop. People in Cape Town love to surf, so they ride longboards when they’re not on the water. This town has a terrific skate-friendly environment (it gets more sunshine on average than Athens or Madrid), hills all surrounding it, and a coastal promenade that’s perfect for rolling around.

Why does the longboard sway when going fast?

A lot of things can cause speed wobbles. Loose trucks are another one. Having open trucks can make your set-up hyper-responsive at speeds above 10-20mph. If you’re moving quicker, you might probably tighten your trucks a little more.

What longboards do professionals use?

Twin Longboards; It looks good because it has a curved nose and tail. Professionals use it because it is very stable. When riding downhill, this can make sharp turns and cuts. You can use this board to perform many skateboarding tricks.

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