how to hang a skateboard deck on a wall

How to Hang Skateboard on Wall without Nails – 7 Ways to Hang a Skateboard Deck on the Wall in 2023

Hanging a skateboard on your wall is an easy way to show off your skating style. It also saves space in the garage or your house, especially if the garage floors are filled with tools or sports equipment. It is good to put small décor items on the wall for interest.

How To Hang Skateboard On Wall Without Nails

You can hang your best skateboard brand on your wall using different tools and techniques. It is highly recommended that you use a stud finder to avoid making any holes in the wrong place, but it isn’t necessary if you are just doing this once. Here are some ideas on how you can hang your skateboard deck on your wall.

1Nails Or Screws?

You can use nails or screws to hang your skateboard on the wall. It is up to you and what you have readily available. If you are fastening the board with screws, you might consider countersinking the screws so they sit flush with your skateboard deck. You might also want to put some type of rip in the skateboard’s grip tape to hold the screw head.

Nails Or Screws

2-The Rope Hanger

The easiest way to hang your board on the wall is by using a rope hanger. It is a simple installation, and you won’t need any special tools or hardware. You can also remove it easily if you want to hang something else on that part of the wall.

Materials Required

  • A 1/4inches long nylon rope.
  • A screwdriver 
  • 2 wall anchors
  • A drill
  • A lighter or matchbox
  • A ruler
  • 2 wall screws (3cm x 0.4cm at least)
  • A pencil


  • Measure the distance from where you want to hang your board and mark it on the wall. Use a ruler, draw a line across at that point. Make sure that you measure accurately because this is what will hold your skateboard deck with the most pop.
  • Put an anchor into the hole made in step two and hammer it down firmly until it stays by itself.
  • Cut a piece of your nylon rope about 30 centimeters long. Light the end with a lighter or match stick until it is frayed and place it in the circular part of the anchor. Press down on the anchor so that it stays firm, but leave some slack on the inside for now.
  • Now put a screw through one of the holes of your right size skateboard deck and into the anchor, then tighten it up. You might need an extra pair of hands for this part. Be careful not to over-tighten and crack the board.
  • Finally, tie a knot in both ends of your rope and put them inside the anchor so they won’t come out. Keep in mind that the rope is a little loose in the anchor because that is for a room movement. You can cut off excess parts of your rope if you wish.
The Rope Hanger method to hang your skateboard
The Rope Hanger

3The Hanger With Hooks

If you don’t have a drill, screws, or anchors at home, then this method will be perfect for you. It is easy to do and doesn’t require a lot of materials. Another option is to use Velcro straps. Again, these can be found at most hardware stores and will allow you to securely hang your skateboard without damaging your walls

Materials Required

  • A 2cm x 5cm hook ( this is for one skateboard )
  • A hammer or mallet
  • Some nails
  • Velcro straps

Some kind of small décor items. It can be toys, seashells, coins, knives, anything as long as they are small and fit on your skateboard deck.


  • Put the small décor item at the center of your board, near the bottom. You can use glue or hot glue to secure it in place if you don’t want them falling off over time. Make sure that they are evenly spread out so that they are not just clustered together near the center.
  • Now, put a nail in each of them to secure everything in place. Try not to make any deep holes in the board if possible. You can also use glue or hot glue for this part as well. Get your 2cm x 5cm hook and hammer or mallet, then insert the pointy end into the top of your board. Hammer away until it is sturdy enough.
The Hanger With Hooks

4-The Fishing Line Hanger

If you don’t have a drill, screws, or anchors at home and your board isn’t heavy enough to warrant them, then this hanging technique is perfect for you. It uses a fishing line to hold up your skateboard onto the wall. You won’t need any special tools because all you will be using is the line itself and a simple rope hanger.

Materials Required

  • An old fishing line ( about 10-15 meters )
  • A medium-size ball of twine or rope  ( this will be used to tie up the fishing line on both ends )
  • A pen and a paper
  • An Exacto knife or razor blade for cutting the fishing line and an extra pair of hand


  • Get your fishing line, twine or rope, and pen. Draw a straight line on the paper about 4 inches long and about an inch from one end draw a cross with a circle at the middle. 
  • Now, take your twine or rope and tie it at the intersection of the paper making sure to leave some slack for later, but make sure that you are tying it tightly enough because you don’t want it to come undone.
  • Now fold down the triangle from step 3 so that it forms a 90-degree angle, but this time from the other side. Again, make a 90-degree fold on one of them and repeat for the other corners until it makes a pyramid. Unfold it and you will have a quadrilateral with 2 sides longer than the other.
  • Finally, make a 90-degree fold on both of the two longest sides and you will have a rectangle with 45-degree folds.
The Fishing Line Hanger method to hang your skateboard
The Fishing Line Hanger

5-The Wall Mounted Hanger

If you don’t have a drill, screws, or anchors at home and your board is too heavy for the fishing line to hold it up, then this method will be perfect for you. You won’t need any special tools because all you will be using is the hangar itself and two screws.

Materials Required

  • A large wall-mounted hangar
  • Two M10 bolts with matching thread size
  • A power drill
  • An Exacto knife or razor blade for cutting the board to fit in the hangar                                         


Get your skateboard with the most pop, drill, knife, or razor blade and repeat the same process as for the fish line hanger.

The Wall Mounted Hanger method to hang your skateboard
The Wall Mounted Hanger

6-The No Hammering,

No Screwing, No Nail Hanger

If you don’t have a drill or screws to hang your skateboard on the wall then this method will be perfect for you. You won’t need any special tools because all you will need are some basic household items.


  • Get an old magazine or newspaper
  • Cut out a rectangle about the size of your skateboard
  • Flip over your board and find out where you will place it on the wall. Make sure that is in a place you like because this is where you will be placing the rectangle later.                         
  • Take an Exacto knife or razor blade and cut out half-circles into both sides of the paper about 2-3 inches apart.
  • Place both ends of the paper on each side of your board and make sure that it is tight against the wall and the table.
  • Use one hand to hold down one end of the paper and use your other hand to push down on the center area with a fair amount of force.
  • The weight of the paper should keep it in place while you are pushing down with your hand.
  • After a few seconds, when it is still tight against the wall remove your hands. The paper should have formed to fit against the shape of your board. If there are still some creases in it make sure to flatten them out by pushing on them with your hand.
  • Now take your twine, rope, or fishing line and tie it around both ends of the paper making sure that you leave enough slack for later. Make sure that the twine is tight enough so that it won’t pull back up. If not then just tie them tighter than before. Now take your piece of twine to where you will be placing the paper and tie it there too.
The No Hammering,

7-Hanging With Plastic Hooks

 Hanging With Plastic Hooks.

1. Get a set of plastic hooks or key chains.   

 2. Put the hooks on your board in the desired location(s) where you want to hang it. 

3. Tie some strong twine, cord, or fishing line below each hook 4-5 inches apart.* 

4. To avoid putting holes in the wall, hang on a solid piece of wood instead.

Hanging With Plastic Hooks
Hanging With Plastic Hooks

Video Guide

Video Guide: How To Hang Up A Skateboard


Hanging your best skateboard brand on the wall with a fishing line is easy to do by simply using common household items. The trickiest part of it all is finding a place to put your board and making sure that the pieces you use will not damage your wall and board. You should be able to find everything that we mentioned at home or just pick them up at a local hardware store like Home Depot or Lowes. If you think these methods are something that will work for you then go ahead and try them out today! Happy hanging.

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